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Whether well is to good girls? Whether

Well are on light to good girls? It seems that yes. All - that at them is fine, all - as is necessary. However psychologists claim that to young ladies with the specified status it be not always necessary with pleasure to

In the childhood at them, as usual, too pure attractive faces and the snow-white starched fartuchka. And the diary - it is obligatory with the best marks. Such as they already in infancy know how they will begin to live with whom and to what time. They have a clear view of that higher educational institution in they through which certain number of years will begin to study. And then clearly see themselves in a profession. And with an accuracy know what quantity of cubs will make also all - about their future, in a word, horror in pure form.

Then everything that is good, correct and reasonable, has to accompany a share - to girls throughout all life. But for some reason not always it turns out quite so, for some reason quite often harmful circumstances aim to dirty, apparently, the blazed way of horoshistka.

Nevertheless, to tell the truth, in them in prosperity


They seldom sit up late. Prefer to lay down earlier and before going to bed carefully to consider day last and (by all means) future. What turned out and with what there were difficulties, They reflect on how it is possible to cope with current situation and so that everything it was good and remarkable around.

They do not dare to deliberate long before going to bed, to them as usual for the next day, to get up early. They cannot be late and furthermore, to bring somebody.

They are unusually hardworking. Throughout the day to them always is what to be engaged. To idle or sit on someone`s neck - not in their style. Such young ladies prefer material independence to any, most magnificent gold cage. They the first selflessly help out collective, implementing and being ahead of schedule, sometimes to itself to the detriment. Always it is possible to rely on them, responsibility for the events at them in blood.

They - the softest straws for men. Good young ladies - the most quick-witted on light. They are ready to forgive and accept day and night. And in a critical situation when parting with the man is inevitable, will never begin to bother the former satellite or to pursue it, on that they and good to create another the favorable atmosphere. Why to call and cry in a tube to unfortunate blessed, urging to try once again? They prefer to analyze courageously the events, to reveal own mistakes and behavior. Finally they by all means come to a conclusion that they were mistaken.

They extremely seldom enter the new relations (right after parting) as they consider it extremely wrong and offensive for the former partner. They prefer to wait time quantity, comprehending an event.

They practically always survive. In sense, in the most difficult circumstances. Having appeared in private with severe life, they do not fall into a hysterics or a silent stupor. They begin new life. By and large, for them it is possible. And in antecedents they always were independent and active, easily took the responsibility and without complications made the most difficult decisions. They always cope.

However, at everything thus, such young women are characterized also by a quantity


Sometimes they are too persuasive, giving to society own positivity and benevolence. They insist that each individual has to aspire in bright future only correct, only to them known, way (and with their help, of course), thereby, causing bewilderment and irritability in people around.

Sometimes they it is too sincere (too!) also demand so confidential relation from society. But the society is not always ready to reveal therefore - growls and snaps. However it does not disturb good girls, and they with pleasure continue to hill own environment.

Sometimes they break others lives. Attracting men with the good characteristic (thereby, lulling them into a false sense of security), such young ladies imperceptibly get into the most undercover places of man`s life and strong grab control levers it. The man already also does not know why he makes certain acts which it (would seem) absolutely to it are not peculiar. He realizes existence of the clear boundary (framing it now reasonable and positive life) out of which limits to it not to get, and so there is a wish.

Sometimes they fly into a rage. Naturally, it happens, to all there is a limit. Once good girls stop being those, turn in ruthless furies and mercilessly pull down everything that occurs to them in a course of life. They it is simple - satanet from own horoshesta and for a while turn into scoundrels (during this period it is necessary to be careful of them). However, it lasts not for long, reasonable nature as a result wins and returns everything into place.

Whether so well is to good girls?