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What do we know about Zoroastrian holidays? On July 5 - Tishtar`s holiday

What is a holiday? To what do we rejoice for what we gather, we prepare an entertainment and we make some ceremonies and rituals? This question will be answered by the word it is sacred (on - Belarusian holiday ) - this time when we can join Light mystery, participates in its affairs, receive its protection.

of Tishtar is Day a Zoroastrian holiday. In general, Zoroastrian holidays all are connected with Space, time of their arrival is connected with the provision of the Sun in certain degrees of the Zodiac. Especially brightly it is shown seven Gakhanbarov - the greatest holidays in Zoroastrianism. On ancient system, they are dated for passing of our star on the degrees resisting to destructive. Konstellyation of planets, lunar day, falling on holiday time, will be shown as well as through what events the whole year will be shown Izeda and force to which the holiday is devoted. Nowruz is especially important: the moment of its beginning is, in fact, a horoscope for new year which in many respects defines events that will occur during this time.

Each of holidays has the mystery, the ritual. One are celebrated at dawn, others in the afternoon or in the evening. Time is prompted by specifics of the holiday.

of Holidays - days of special honoring Izedov - in Zoroastrianism is a lot of, but the majority of them is marked out only by the people somehow connected in affairs of these Izedov. It reminds our modern professional holidays. So, for example, Tishtar patronizes smiths, Vayyu - to frontier guards etc.

Every holiday is time of check, clarification from the evil and an exit to new level, and also time of the choice which should be confirmed later with business. Indispensable attribute of Zoroastrian holidays - fire.

Tishtar (Tishtriya) is the Heavenly soldier, the Guard of time. It stores the future from invasion of the evil: from various distortions, deviations and contradictions. The victory over fears is connected with it. Tishtar patronizes sciences, space and can give keys to discovery of their secrets. Zoroastrians considered that Tishtar is connected with a star Sirius.

From the Iranian mythology it is known that Tishtar is a zlatoukhy and zlatouzdy horse (an embodiment of a star of Tishtriya) who won against the Evil ghost who made fight with water and with plants - so that they dried up. Tishtar drinks ocean water with the seeds of various plants which are showered from a wave of wings Senmurva and spreads a rain - so seeds get to the soil.

Tishtar found ability to spill a rain. It accepted three images: image of the person, image of a horse and image of a bull. It shone thirty days and nights, and in every (image) ten days and nights it spilled a rain therefore astrologers speak: Each star has three images . Each drop of this rain became such big as a vessel, and water climbed all earth in the human growth, and harmful creatures on the earth all were beaten by that rain and crept away in an earth crack. Then the spirit of wind that (wind) was not mixed, forces wind to move in air just as the soul moves in a body. And it swept away all water and carried (it) at the end of the earth, and the sea Frakhvkard was formed of it.

Dead harmful creatures appeared in the earth, both their poison and a stench mixed up with it. To remove a poison from the earth, Tishtar fell to the sea in an image of a white horse with a long tail. Then towards to (it) there was a demon Aposh, like a horse with a black short tail. (i) Tishtar on (distance) in one frasang because drove concern ran off it. And he asked victories for Ormazd, and Ormazd gave it strength and power - strength of ten horses, ten camels, ten bulls, ten mountains and ten rivers, and the demon in Aposh on (distance) in one frasang for fear (before it) force ran off it: that is why speak about an arrow, (let?) Tishtar`s (strength).

Then a cloud and the moon as khoum (so call a vessel - the tool for this business), Tishtar took water and forced (it) to spill a rain with a huge force drops (size) about the head of a bull, about the head of the person, size about a fist, size about a palm, big and small. During this rain battled Aspendzhargak and dev Aposh, and there was fire of Vazisht, and from the hard blow of its club (dev Aspendzhargak) loudly cried and therefore now, during fight with the organizer of a rain the thunder and a lightning appear.

Thus (ten) days and nights (Tishtar) was spilled by a rain, both those poison and poison of harmful creatures that were in the earth, all mixed up with water, and water became salty because in the earth remained (quantity) of a seed of those harmful creatures (that) they always accumulate.

the Evil ghost Amakhraspand Amordad as the owner of plants crushed them and mixed with water (which) was taken by Tishtar, and Tishtar spilled this water a rain on all earth. And on all earth plants as hair on the head of the person grew. Ten thousand them grew one main type for prevention of ten thousand types of diseases which were nasozdavat for creations by the Evil ghost. Hundred twenty thousand species of plants grew from these ten thousand plants, and from the same seeds of plants the tree of all seeds is created. It grew in the sea Frakhvkard, from it ( from which ) seeds of all species of plants grow. Near this tree of all seeds the tree Gokirn for prevention of the choking old age is created, and from it proceeded ( was ) full defense of peace (//Zoroastrian texts. Judgments of Spirit of reason (Dadestan - and lampreys - and hrad). Creation of a basis (Bundakhishn) and other texts / podgot. O. M. Chunakova. - M.: Vost. literature of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 1997. - (Monuments to writing of the East. CXIV).

celebrate Tishtar`s Holiday on July 4 - 5 when the Sun is in the 13th degree of Cancer. The holiday is spent at water. Make the hands any objects, master new instruments of labor, try keys. Light 3 fires.

is Also considered what to be born in any Zoroastrian holiday - it is not always very good because watches this at you ized - spirit - the patron of this holiday. The person as if becomes deprived of the right for a mistake. Yes, it is under control, but do not allow it to be mistaken or stumble god!

can Celebrate Day of Tishtar not only smiths, artists, engineers, designers, but also any person who are a master of fate who costs the life, the destiny.

In astrology (on an astriysky horoscope) is devoted to Tishtar everyone 13 - y a sunny day. Day is also devoted also to stars. A symbol of day - the Labyrinth, compound of water and the earth - the seashore. On the seashore, near a labyrinth the mystery of a victory of Tishtar over the demon was played.

13 - y a sunny day is connected with modeling of the future. One more its symbol - a chessboard. It is day of serious actions in which it is necessary to think 10 times. Travel on a long distance, construction for a long time - all this is good. Also, it is day of a protective astral network which protects the earth where the mass of options where you have freedom. Especially this day is good for occupation by astrology. People who are engaged in astrology get under protection of 4 guards of the sky, especially Tishtara. People who are not engaged in it are defenseless, they can be blown up on a mine.

Any mistakes this day, irresponsible decisions - are contraindicated. In day Tishtara is not recommended to write anything (it is only possible to sign important documents, or to write just - that serious). Very bad day for connection with the beloved. This day abstention confesses. Even pets cannot copulate this day, they were not admitted to each other.

B 13 - ye is not recommended to marry or marry solar days. Marriages, prisoners this day can end with crash, divorce. Also, this day it is not recommended to cut hair, to wash, have a shave, cut nails. It is worth avoiding any fruitless places, deserts. This day it is impossible to close windows. It is impossible to sever sharply this day relations with people.

In general, is one of the most unlucky days therefore be ready to all the heaviest, to threats and to intimidation of powers of darkness. You will be tried to be driven into a corner. Day of danger of blackmail and psychological pressure.

this day needs to be eaten less. Abstain from any animal food. Day of the beginning of starvation, improvement. The best food of this day is bread, unleavened cakes, round pastries. Bread, salt and water - here and all food. Also, with this day salty cottage cheese (sheep cheese), salty cheese is connected (salty cottage cheese is connected with a victory over the demon).

Elements of this day - the sky, air.

the Totem - a winged white zlatogrivy horse Pegasus with very human face (the blonde, a normal constitution, average height. The extended face, big sad eyes. Big nose. Hard unruly hair as horse mane. A harmonous neck, it is proud the put head. Big jaw. Horses have to have green, dark eyes, with povoloky. Sad, mournful people).

Character of the people who were born in day of Tishtar: the serious, fearless person, the sharp and gusty, but able to control all the acts. Direct and very honest to extremes. Is not able and does not wish anything to hide and for it to it nothing will be. His people do not love in a type of its sharpness and uncompromising stand. It is laconic. It can always be defined because it the embodiment of that truth which is not loved is simple. Basic, always defends the beliefs. Likes to go: always is in trips, travel. Very quiet, for the time being, even indecisive, will not make a choice yet - long decides on something. If decided, then goes all the way, without looking back and without reflecting. To a step backwards - here its principle. In a quiet state if do not affect its principles, it is rather loyal. Likes to make the choice, constantly logically weighs for and against estimates whether correctly it arrived, backdating estimates the life. It is inclined to introspection, a heart-searching, to It it is not sat and not lain on one place. There is a tendency to missionary activity. Great teacher. Does not take out any constraint. Has desire of a scope, flight. It cannot be long attached to one place, but seldom changes partners. It is artless.

In astrology in general, Tishtar, the Guard of the East, red color is connected with ASC point, number 55 and a forefinger, modeling the future in the form of the branching corridors, relieving of wanderings in a labyrinth. All antisa, symmetric mirror points giving the chance to model the future, and kontrantisa, choice points are connected with Tishtar.

From the astronomical point of view Tishtar represents the second satellite of Earth rotating in the opposite direction with a cycle about 51 days. According to one of hypotheses, it is the satellite of Earth which was beaten out from the orbit at the time of falling of the Phaeton, and it is possible, even even earlier. However, that this satellite existed long time about our planet, and it is possible, even arose along with it, it is possible to hope that this ancient cycle lives and works in spite of the fact that its material carrier for a long time and the trace caught a cold.