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How to use the blog as the tool in the Internet - business?

Beginners in the Internet - marketing often ask the questions regarding the blog, I will consider the most widespread of them.

In what the blog differs from the website? the Internet represents set web - the websites which are in turn divided into the corporate, personal websites, the Internet - shops, photo and video - the websites, forums, blogs, etc. The blog as one of kinds of the website, represents the Internet - the diary with the return sequence of an arrangement of records - posts and a possibility of their commenting. Blogs, as well as other websites, are registered on the separate domain with own hosting, and on structure of difference are minimum.

What advantages of the blog in the Internet - business? the Blog, unlike other websites, has such advantages as advance of own brand, interaction with visitors of the blog through comments, an opportunity to subscribe for updates through a RSS feed or on e - mail.

How to attract visitors on the blog? There is a set of options of increase in attendance of the blog among which e is mail there is a mailing, registration in a rating of blogs, RSS - the subscription, platforms which are based on social networks (twitter), references on other websites and blogs similar in subject, means of communication between blogs (trekbek and pinkbek), broadcasting on others the blog - services (krossposting), advertizing in networks, increase of positions in search engines (for example, thanks to placement in social bookmarks and frequent renewability of content), etc.

As can earn from the blog? Ways of earnings too various - sale of banner places, placement of advertisements (Adsense), partner programs and referalny exiles, use of services for involvement of advertisers (blogun), the offer of the services, etc. Also earnings can be indirect if the blog is only a component in a chain target audience => blog => website => offer of the paid services and to serve as the tool in obtaining the income, promoting inflow business - offers and potential business - partners.

How it is possible to learn all this? In my opinion, the technician of blogging and any other aspects of self-development are the most productive ways of development trainings as they in consecutive structure combine also practical orientation besides knowledge acquisition.

I provided several psychological trainings itself, and with pleasure I take part in others, interesting to me on subject. At the moment I am trained in the second training according to blogs. Before understanding whether this or that training is necessary to us, is important to decide what knowledge and abilities we want to receive by means of it . Thanks to the first training I received all necessary technical skills, experience of writing articles and also skill of planning. I expect from the second to gain development of skills of advance and monetization of the blog, a competent statement of the thoughts, writing articles without inspiration and working off of self-discipline in time to carry out what is planned.