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In what areas recommends to develop Leader Liderov Robin Sharma?

Become the owner of the thoughts - and you will become the owner of the mind. Become the owner of the mind - and you will become the owner of the life. Become the owner of the life - and you will become master of his own live .

Not urgent, but important issues yield long-term results and have to be in a priority over infinite urgent, but not so significant tasks. How to reconstruct a habitual way of life on more effective mode that should be introduced in the life in order that the success accompanied, the magnificent book of Robin Sharma " deserves attention; 200 lessons of life . Robin Sharma one of the most outstanding professional speakers of North America and bright stars in the sphere of leadership and improvement of life.

The author offers concrete methods for formation of new useful habits which, in my opinion, can conditionally be divided into seven sections.

Discipline: effective management of time, punctuality, six hours on a dream, concentration on the solution of a specific objective - here some moments to which Robin Sharma teaches.

One of the greatest lines which the person for achievement of success can develop in himself is an ability to concentrate the long periods of time .

Leadership and charisma: it is unconditional, are important on the way to success ability to work in collective, art of performances before audience, leadership skills, image of the strong personality, will power education.

Whoever you were, you can change radically the life and life of the people surrounding you by means of only one idea. Ask about it Gates, Edison and Bella .

Self-development: daily reading, listening of audiobooks, maintaining the personal diary, an example from mentors, introspection, auto-suggestion - have to be present at life daily. Actions which bring pleasure under the law of life will be able to bring also a material value.

Readers always leaders. The more you know, the it is less at you than fear .

Physical health: the author advises to adhere to a healthy lifestyle (physical exercises, swimming, walks, active recreation), healthy nutrition (a post, starvation, useful products, herbal teas) and managements of the breath which are directly connected with a power source. It is correct to breathe, so correctly to live - the rule of east mountaineers.

A sound mind in a sound body. Never forget about the body which is closely tied intelligently. It is your temple and the most great value .

Composure: the author attaches great value to morning and evening meditation. The good beginning of day is an effective way of self-updating, and listening of motivational records, reading inspiring texts fill spirit with force and energy in the morning. In the evening pleasure silence, silence, reading mantras weaken after intense day. The enthusiasm, optimism, a positive spirit, laughter, humour - are surprising medicine for vital problems. It is not necessary to afford luxury even of one negative thought.

Achieve that all knew you as person with the cold head, warm heart and fine character. Your presence on this earth will be long remembered .

Contacts with people: quality of life is a quality of communication, both with other people, and with itself. If to learn to listen to other people, then each of them not only will be able to teach something, but also will call you the wise adviser.

You Remember names of people and you treat all kindly. This habit together with enthusiasm - one of the most important secrets of success .

Family: the most important decision in life - marriage which, according to Robin Sharma, can be very successful if at the spouse there are such qualities as attachment, sense of humour, mind, integrity, a maturity, temperament, compatibility and feeling chemistry and also trust to the partner, joint development and support, the house has to be light and cozy.

Never discuss the health, financial affairs and other personal problems with the people who are not belonging to your family . Presenting to

the person who applied in total all councils the image of the successful leader is involuntarily created. Each lesson of the world leader admires, is rather simple in daily execution and, undoubtedly, is capable to change life gradually. On formation of a habit 21 days therefore the first three weeks it is usually more difficult to hold on everything are required, filling life with something new. But successful life is worth it to overcome itself and to begin to approach it!

P. S.: Books which are recommended by Robin Sharma:

Stephen Kovi Seven habits of effective people

James Allen As the person thinks

Dennis Vuli To Open happiness

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William A. Cohen Art of the leader

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