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How to try to obtain the, but is more whole not than strangers?

Many people got used to be repaid, complain, accept a " position; victims . To complain is to summon pity , to show the helplessness. Pity humiliates This most awful feeling which can be tested to the person.

It is better to be the subject of envy, than object of pity .

of the Complaint, connected with shortage of means, generally at one on the unfair management, at others on irresponsible subordinates. Subordinates do not want to perform honestly work, carrying out not the purposes, but the purposes of the company, steadily get paid once a month, envy the income of the head, without thinking of risks, responsibility on his shoulders and of a covering of all expenses. Heads are not happy that nobody wants to work, without undertaking at the same time any motivational measures, and take any success of competitors painfully. There is one more category of people who chose for themselves a way of earnings, not dependent neither from subordinates, nor from the management. These are distributors of network marketing. But according to success in this type of the industry not all try to obtain besides, partly for the same reason - should bear responsibility for itself and the partners.

Freedom is responsibility, that is why all so are afraid of it .

Successful leaders did not get used to complain, understanding what depends only on them as their business will develop, and carry out concrete steps on optimization, being guided by the decision, but not by a problem and action, but not by emotions. All people work first of all for themselves, choose the place and a kind of activity, chiefs or subordinates. Therefore they complain that made the wrong choice of themselves, can only recognize the wrongfulness not everyone.

And compassionate the most true consists of all ways to make the person humane in accustoming him to identify from early age itself(himself) with unfortunate and to see itself(himself) in them .

Influence of an environment and education has big force. To work forty years for other people, to accuse of the failures all around, except himself and to condemn those who were allocated from gray weight took the responsibility - it is considered norm. Yesterday laughed at the person, tomorrow will begin to respect if today he does not break under the influence of foreign opinions. Each person has to share the thoughts from imposed by society and to realize the purpose, it is important to to understand whether really we WANT, or it is just necessary to us it to reach. So before each of us it is always worth - overcoming the choice fear of responsibility for the life or to go after foreign dream.