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Features in diseases of children. Communication of Mother and child. So far children yet the kids who are not adapted for life - nesmyslenysh which solve nothing for themselves, all responsibility for them to God, to them and to the Life bear

their parents. It is the law. On the spiritual plan from mother invisible reaches for the child it is information - a power thread which as if the pupovinka connects two human souls - small and adult.

From the birth almost to majority (14 - 16 years) the child is connected with parents (especially mother) an invisible spiritual bond. They - as if communicating vessels. And therefore in this interval of life of the child all parental misses and offenses - bad or just unsuccessful thoughts, words and affairs - are reflected on its health and destiny, reviving old diseases and causing new.

The world is arranged so that, having passed a way from an illness to health of children, adults have to come to True understanding of Life and, have to change, following by Conscience, and, comprehending true Laws of the world in which we live in practice, to learn to lift the children from the most incurable diseases. Through compassion, through care, through the most strong feeling on Earth - through Lyubov.

Without readiness of parents to realize all this, to accept and - the most important - it does not make to carry out, tell about true healing any sense. Healing is not temporary process. It is the Way. It is a way of life forever. This first, but the very best important.

Without understanding of it of miracles from above you should not wait. Real miracles without personal contribution do not happen at all. Such miracles - only focuses - beautiful, but temporary and useless. Therefore, only full judgment parents of the true reasons of troubles both the children, and own, repentance and aspiration to avoid mistakes in the future plus immovable Vera in a victory over an illness will become a strong basis for physical healing of the child and spiritual ascension of his parents.

Further about punishment

Punishment of children has serious consequences for the child. In detail sorting them, many parents try to refuse a beating, verbal humiliation in the family. It is a difficult way, but it, undoubtedly, true.

At the same time there will always be people, confident that moderate slaps on a bottom, the parental power and a power method of education not only are not harmful, but also are useful to their child. Such parents, probably, will have no motivation for desire something to change in the family.

To those and other parents, and also all friends of our website, we want to suggest one question on to think: whether it is possible to live with the child, never punishing him, and only the example and the kind word to send him to the necessary course?

Dear parents and, it is possible! And it depends not on obedience of the child, his activity, internal aggression, temperament or age, native he or reception, on the beloved husband or not. This opportunity depends only from the relations to life at the parent.

When the adult faces problems in behavior of his child, often it seems to it that it is only their interpersonal question. Actually, it is one of one million vital questions which daily in hundreds rises in us. How to react to the emotional chief? On the problem employee? Noisy neighbor? Dissatisfied mother-in-law? Here in a row there are also questions about children: how to react to the sensitive daughter? Aggressive son? When the child lies, steals, smokes?

All these questions about the world around us, people around us, our relation to life, to, and for the believing people, - and about our attitude towards God.

Here to give some adequate advice applicable in all situations from 100% efficiency, it is impossible. But long ago it is known that the Good overcomes the Evil. That the better you think of the person, the he becomes better. That everything that irritates in people, is in you. And that all doors open from within, i.e. only through change of.

Friends! Our children are fine, unique and very much love life! To teach them to love the world, the nature, a family and to be able to rejoice, it is not necessary to take a belt in hand or to raise the voice. The personal example, patience, love to the child and belief is necessary that at it everything will turn out. Any difficult situation from which anybody has no insurance demands both judgment, and analysis. But analysis tender because, sitting at mother on hands, it will be easier for boy to understand (rather to experience) as it is worth treating the girl, than under shout of the father: Girls cannot be beaten! You understood me? Once again it will repeat, I will flog!

To live without punishments, humiliations and the power in a family it is possible and it is necessary. It is normal, natural. To be good, attentive to a way of life of parents, to give love a hundredfold is a natural nature of each child. If it is loved, he intuitively seeks to love, to care. Let`s remember what our children were in 2 - 3 years - as consoled us when it was difficult for us as apologized as they cried mummy, be not ill . This normal manifestation of internal natural qualities of the kid.

And here when the child lies, steals, is rude - it is not normal. But abnormality not in it personally, and in the atmosphere in which he lives. It it is necessary to analyse, draw attentively conclusions, to change, and then the child, having returned to a state, natural to itself, will and behave suitably.

The key person for the child is mother. Often it is considered that the child has time all necessary for life (toys, books, walks, food, clothes, education, circles), time do not beat him and do not humiliate, he has to behave normally and to be grateful. This delusion. Let`s not try to measure the household party of a question because as practice shows, it has insignificant influence on the attitudes of children towards parents. Also let`s refuse idea of gratitude from children. And we will try to measure participation of mother in life of her child: as often they talk about it and its interests as often it supports him, and he asks it for suggestions. As often she takes it on hands, irons, kisses, calls the tender word. Whether happens that she laughs at it, does not notice it, considers its problems frivolous and insignificant?

Only it is mother`s attitude towards the child - matters. And absolutely not very well in what clothes the child is dressed and at what school he studies.

Changing the attitude towards the child, the parent it is necessary to change the attitude towards all and to everything around it. To appreciate not only achievements of the son or the daughter, but also people on the street, a flower in a bed. It is natural because the love does not happen narrowly focused (my family, my friends). When the true love wakes up in us, it concerns at once everything that surrounds us.

This way very beautiful, but difficult. It lies through serious collisions with the ego, the prejudices for a long time trodden by footpaths of relationship with people. There are on it both minutes of weakness, and minute of despair. But thought that it is possible to reach the world and mutual tenderness in a family, to present it to children and it is essential to facilitate their life and communication with people in the future, of course, very much helps.

Let`s remember that there is nothing that is brought to us by happiness. Neither new cars, nor achievements at work. Happiness or lives in us and gives the chance to rejoice every day, or it is absent and its illusiveness plays with us a terrible joke, arranging race for all with the new and new purposes.

Life goes now. Children are now. They wait for love. And this only thing that only their family and their parents can give them. And they will take education, the course of life, the destiny and will construct, based on that base that will be put by us.

Let life will be happy! And for this purpose nothing is necessary, except desire to smile!