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What schools happen?

Of course, all of us know that schools happen state and private, good and not really. When we choose the place of study for the child (school) or for ourselves (higher education institution or courses), us, of course, first of all interests quality of training. And it is very healthy if we can communicate to pupils or graduates. And today we would like to inform readers of the story of one of graduates of very remarkable school at which, under certain conditions, your children could study.

" school; Delf it is located in the territory more than 3 square kilometers near Portland, the State of Oregon, the USA. It is one of the numerous schools applying technology of training of L. Ron Hubbard. It takes students worldwide on the full academic program. At school theoretical and practical classes for teachers, administrative personnel of schools and for parents are also given. It is school in which there is a line of employers - behind her graduates.

At the end of September, 2006 it happened so that one of graduates of this school, Nicko Papageriklas, appeared in Moscow. By the invitation Applied Formation of the CIS he held a meeting with the staff of the Moscow centers of Applied education. So, Nicko`s story.

I studied at " school; Delfay (Delphy). I went there to study when I was 14 years old. But before I got in Delfay I through a lot of things passed in life. Here imagine such picture: I am very thin, in trousers in covering, all is covered with chains Such look was result of all in what I was engaged. I did not study. I lied to all and deceived everyone. I did drugs. I did not understand why I me at all education and was not going to study anything at all. But only until I did not make the decision that I will go in Delfay .

Why I wanted to go in Delfay ? I was told that I will be able to study very quickly there. And I decided that I will be able to graduate very quickly from school, fast I will be quit with it. I will just finish it, and all.

So, I came in Delfay when I was 14 years old and here I face to face, for the first time faced responsibility, - what I did not get used to at all. I was put responsible for washing of ware. Kitchen?! Children, you that? What ware?! Everything that occurred - I was given not enough responsibility. What usually occurs in Delfay ? There everyone is given more and more responsibility. Together with that knowledge which gives at school. You are given tools which you can use in life later. You are not just given knowledge - knowledge - knowledge which you just somewhere accumulate, but all of you apply it, do. That is you receive skills.

And now I want to tell a little about the " program; Delfay . I came to this school in the sixth class at once. The program begins with the fact that you take a test, and watch what you have omissions. I executed it. I saw the results. I was terrified. Because saw that all my previous education was no good. And when I began to carry out this program, I began with mathematics and reading, in parallel performing a certain work on school.

That Delfay is? There is a training and there is a work. And it occurs in parallel. It that someone only studies is absent or only works. For example, when I for the first time has come, to me gave work - to wash plates. When I rose a little (when my responsibility grew a little), I became responsible for the room where I lived. Then me appointed responsible for a class where I studied and still the person 20, and here I was responsible for that all really studied.

That is in the beginning speak to you: please, wash plates or pick up here, clean " there; and then you become responsible for training of others. Then I became responsible for that building in which we lived. And a time later I was asked to be responsible for all in general rooms where there lived pupils of school. I had statisticians: I was responsible for that all students were ethic. I settled any situations when someone fought, for example. And when stories it seems " began; Yes I hate this guy! I do not want to live with it in one room! and so forth, I settled it.

I was pleasant to be responsible for all premises - then you could go to bed when you want. Otherwise you had to be in a bed at 10:30. Every night the group on duty watched that all slept and that at school everything was silent and as it should be: that nobody argued, fought that everything was quiet, all had normally a rest. Usually only the personnel of school were engaged in it. But later they decided that students (pupils) can do it too.

One of children is responsible for shop where sell food, clothes. He is the managing director of this shop. Carries out inventory, buys products and will organize all other work. That is children who are in school, are responsible for all activity of school. For example, trips, various actions - are responsible for all this children. Actions at school happen every week and there is a group of students which will organize this action. For example, they will organize that there was a bus driver who will carry all somewhere, do musters that all on the place when, for example, organize trips for skiing. Call on a ski resort, find out the prices and do all the rest that is necessary in order that the trip took place. Staff of school at the same time attentively watches

that children do as they realize themselves at whom as it turns out and leaves records about it in a personal record of the student. They watch the one who as moves ahead.

But to be capable to do something and to control it, to be the leader of group, it is necessary to gain knowledge. Therefore there are special courses. We have a course which is called Leadership there is a course on communication, on public statements. You are trained on these courses and everything that was studied, apply at school at once. And it lifts you on such level when you can really solve problems because training is followed by application, then again training and application of studied. And these courses are included into the program of training at school.

In future articles we will continue the publication of materials of a meeting with the graduate of " school; Delfay Nicko Papakheriklas. If you want to learn more about schools of Applied Education in the CIS and in the world, about technology of training, write and you call us, read materials on the website Applied Formation of the CIS .

We wish all who learn and study success and satisfaction from application of the gained knowledge.

Elena Babicheva,

employee of Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization

Applied Formation of the CIS