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How to recover really? What Real Way to Health?

How to recover really? What Real Way to Health? more clear to answer this question the following will be better to open


1. Illness, what is it?

2. About the drugs

3. Features in diseases of children

4. How to recover (to recover) really

5. About the real healing
is more detailed than


1. An illness, what is it?

When to us suddenly the illness comes, very much we are surprised - why? Like cold or gastritis, are unpleasant to one illness, but are not terrible and therefore infrequently force us to think of a question why they arose deeply. We easily take on trust long ago known reasons : Aha, on the street, in the tram or in the car blew. Ate something... we hurry to take a medicine, the advertized means, to visit the doctor, to rest in bed in a bed and we are again dipped into daily vanity. When there are standard recipes, to reflect that to what, there is no special wish and is once.

the Illness is a Consequence. Means there is a Reason. Here in it a basis Sometimes it happens so that, despite effective recipes, an illness progresses, and we begin to think of it even more often. Because it absorbs our time, money, forces and, the most important, health which every day worsens. Also infinite campaigns on the supermodern medical centers, doctors, and then and to pseudo healers, search of recipes of rescue and their test on themselves begin... Nothing just like that happens.

of People gets sick for the reason that due to certain feelings, thoughts, words or actions breaks Harmony with World around.

gets the Illness of People from - for violations of the law - the Law of Absolute Justice.

2. About drugs and medicine

Generally physicians do not treat Soul, relationship, do not give harmony. For achievement of health and harmony are given us svy by the Creator - Elements of the Nature (The sun - Fire, Water, Earth, Air - about them is slightly farther). Once long ago we knew about them, and then forgot they are available to All, it is necessary to remember them only. Medicines are very limited in the opportunities, and are most often simply harmful. They are limited because they are intended for treatments our physical body, our material cover. And the reason of any disease is absolutely at other, thin level - at the level of Soul, Spirit level. It neither cannot be seen, nor to touch. To reach this thinnest spiritual level of medicine - the usual chemical compounds operating on the rough physical plan at the level of matter, will never be able. As will never be able to reach there fizio - either phytotherapy, or acupuncture, or homeopathy, or bio-energetics, nor any others physical to influences from the outside.

of Medicine do not influence an etiology in any way. Quite often they eliminate symptoms (manifestations) of a disease, but the etiology - that remains and still continues to work. And then at any time it is possible to expect returns of an old illness or emergence of new - most likely, already more cruel and long.

of Medicine, eliminating symptoms, only prevent to find and realize the reason which caused an illness. Drugs prevent us to study - instead of understanding what any more never caused an illness - never! - not to repeat in it.


So far children yet the kids who are not adapted for life which practically decides nothing for themselves all responsibility for them to God, to them and to the Life bear features in diseases of children their parents. It is the Law. On the spiritual plan from mother invisible reaches for the child it is information - a power thread which as if the pupovinka connects two human souls - small and adult.

From the birth almost to majority (14 - 16 years) the child is connected with parents (especially mother) an invisible spiritual bond. They - as if communicating vessels. And therefore in this interval of life of the child all parental misses and offenses - bad or just unsuccessful thoughts, words and affairs - are reflected on its health and destiny, reviving old diseases and causing new.

the World is arranged so that, having passed a way from an illness to health of children, adults will come to True understanding of Life and, having changed, following by Conscience, and, comprehending true Laws of the world in which we live in practice, to learn to lift the children from the most incurable diseases. Through compassion, through care, through the most strong feeling on Earth - through LYUBOV.

4. How to recover (to recover) really

it is rather necessary to recover:

1. To find in itself the Etiology and to realize

2. To ask forgiveness for the Creator (God Allah )

3. To be exempted from addictions and to refuse the drugs

4. To address Angels of Elements for healing
is more detailed than


1. To find in itself the Etiology and to realize

to find the reason it is necessary to want first of all very much, it is necessary to become honest before by itself and the Creator (God, Allah), to glance inside, in the most intimate corners of own life, own Soul. To turn itself inside out To remember everything that occurred, to find, experience any discrepancies which prevent to be in full Harmony with world around It can be defects - offenses, envy, rage, self-interest, arrogance (vanity), greed, cruelty, fears, despondency, thought negative to someone or relatives, the word and many other things And, having exempted from them, to go only forward.

2. To ask forgiveness for the Creator

the Reason is found and now it is necessary to ask Forgiveness for the Creator for it, that it was not right. It you say to the Creator that you realized, than caused disharmony in yourself and what it is punished by the impartial Law for, realized that you came to a section to it. It is necessary to regret deeds really - from the most Sincere depths The request is desirable from the heart, very sincere, with big desire Belief from depth of Soul - not from mind, and from the Soul which all understood, realized. Sometimes happens that the etiology is not in any way. Then it is possible to ask in 4 mornings about the help, about the hint, and it will come - through a dream, through books, via TV, through communication or a situation etc. Be just attentive. Hints will be, it is only necessary to notice, feel them 4 o`clock in the morning, irrespective of the time zone of Earth - God`s time.

the Request for forgiveness at God at four o`clock in the morning removes action of the reason. But only the following steps, confirm Vera in the chosen Way, desire and determination to go them further. And only then the reason of suffering leaves already forever. And If you go into the Way, then it is not necessary to do so that - now so I will recover, then by drugs, then still somehow.

3. To be exempted from addictions and to refuse the drugs

When the reason is found and when the forgiveness at God is asked it is possible to go further on the way of elimination of an illness. An important step - It is necessary to refuse once and for all doubtful pleasures in the form of alcohol, smoking, drugs. Many think that it is norm of life. That it is an integral part of a holiday, but this delusion is the truth at such people such is so far, but not Truth Alcohol, smoking, drugs even in the most minimum quantities affect consciousness of the person, dulling, disconnecting it. And consciousness - our highest controlling level, our wise protection against interventions from the outside of and from own nonsenses and nonsenses . When the person smokes, drinks or does drugs, he voluntarily disconnects the consciousness - the protection, opening for any a way to the subconsciousness. And it is unimportant - there will be it the most finished dose of heroin or one inhaling of a cigarette smoke.

What to do if the person has an open change, cardiac arrest or any other cataclysm?

Is clear that over the reasons it was necessary to think earlier. But if it already happened what to do? Of course, to stop bleeding, to do an artificial respiration, to set a bone, to impose plaster and all the rest that is necessary in this situation. The emergency help is not cancelled.

4. To address Angels of Elements

Four elements - on number of pervokirpichik of all Physical World - the Sun (fire), Water, Earth and Air. In total in our material world it is constructed of these four primary elements, including our physical body. Therefore there is nothing more natural, than the request for the help to in what maintaining there is everything, connected with these primary elements - their structure, energy, life. We can always address them when we need the help - we are ill, we feel fatigue, an indisposition, exinanition, we need information.

know Elements of the nature Angels of elements. Majestic and beautiful angels of Elements of dobra are also trustful as children. And always with pleasure are ready to share the energy with everyone who needs the help and will ask about it. But before to ask for the help any of Them, it is necessary to ask the Creator permission for this help. Without this High permission the Angel has no right to give anybody anything. Each of four forces of Angels of elements has the features.

An angel of the Sun - the Angel of fire is the strongest. This energy is so big

that any substance of the physical world can turn into plasma, fire is and there is a plasma, a substance borderline between the physical world and thin. Power level Angela of fire - the highest. It is possible to ask to burn Angela Solnza all negative, all unnecessary, an illness. And to fill with heat, to fill with necessary energy.

The angel of Earth Terrestrial tverd incorporates

and processes all low energy, energy of low vibrations - energy of a negative, energy with an evil sign. Therefore nature of the help Angela of the earth - clarification, release of an organism from the negative and parasitizing energiya. To ask Angela lands about the help, it is necessary to become on the earth bare feet or to lay down on it a back and to appeal to Angela to take away all bad, all saved-up negative. And then it is possible to feel how he will go to the earth through barefoot soles of legs or via the power channel between shovels on a back - it goes clarification of each section of a body, it finds ease and force.

An angel of Water

the Most amazing feature is at water - ability to accumulate, store and transfer information. But its basic purpose - to be information basis of biological life. Water is the cornerstone of all processes in a plant and animal life, including also us. It is possible to ask Angela waters about everything - about any help in recovering from an illness, about information, about the hint, about energy on restoration of sincere forces, about clarification from a negative... It is possible to ask it about the help on the bank of the lake, the sea or the river, - lower a hand in water, scoop it a little, and then put a hand to yourself on a nape. Also take it there a little, and then it is possible to feel how energy and heat will begin to proceed from a wet palm. So the Angel of water to share with you the grace and force. And if there is opportunity, then it is better to plunge in a reservoir - water washes away all bad, clears of a negative. And if there is no opportunity such - also the usual shower in emergency will approach. But only do not forget to ask Angela about the help, and after - to thank him and the Lord for great favor and love.

can Also load water (having asked permission for God) Angela Wody. Having taken a glass in the left hand, and right to put from above for some time. And to thank.

An angel of air

the Angel of air allows us to live, breathe It always near us. He can remove a negative too, dispel thoughts etc.

it is possible to Address God aloud and mentally - as you will wish as it is necessary for soul. My God! Allow me to address to Angela of water (fire, the earth or air) for the help, and allow It to help me! - it is possible and so, and it is possible and to invest the request with other words. There is no standard formulation for the address to God (as well as to Angels too) - let the soul will prompt to you how to tell what to ask and as.

And only after the address to God it is possible to address already directly Angels of elements.

If the reason is not found and the illness already gave signs, then it is possible to ask for Angels of Elements Energy on maintenance of a state i.e. that there was no deterioration that it was possible to find the True reason. Or for example, it is necessary to hold on till 4:00 in the morning.

Everything has to be very sincere also big Desire. Belief. In total Individually. It is necessary to express, state Very accurately that is that We want There has to be an accurate formulation!

Change has to be confirmed with Affairs It is not necessary to repeat in mistakes. There are no instructions full and the managements on all cases in life - all in practice since it is necessary to learn.

5. About the real healing In brief the speech about pseudo healers, magicians, psychics etc.

Of course this information is very not favorable by

to those about whom it is written. An essence to warn all those who want to understand it and will understand.

Answer a question: If the Creator it is arranged so that the person gets an illness for the mistakes, then and to wash away guilt - it is necessary to improve to the person most. Magicians, healers (pseudo), psychics take money and allegedly they cure remove the reason? remove the reason. Magic from God? No. Think (remember through Soul). They on the contrary hide it.

Yes, of course, powers of darkness allow to cure for time (as well as with drugs) various diseases, but the reason that is not eliminated it will be shown again.

If the person really helps Soul but takes though kopek or by the principle how many you will give - that it already not good luck Nothing can be compared to Energiyami Bozhestvennymi and the more so money - which was thought up by the Evil. The real healers help people honestly and absolutely disinterestedly.