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Greenberg Ben Stiller - New Oblomov?

of New - York. At Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller) there came crisis. It is not crisis of middle age, it is crisis of average life. By 40 years he did not acquire either loyal friends, or a strong family, nor even a decent social status. He does not aspire to anything and from anything does not run. He just lives. It is silent, aimless, boring. When he is discharged from office, the small world of Roger endures too serious shocks. Greenberg has a nervous breakdown which brings his transitory body into psychiatric hospital.

Los - Andzheles. Florence Mar (Greta Gerwig) works as the housemaid and, apparently, too not especially aspires to something bigger. It has a small, but cozy apartment, easy work and the brisk girlfriend Geena who skillfully manipulates it. Florence just endured heavy parting with the guy therefore now she is tormented by an inferiority complex in this connection she is ready to oversleep with the first comer. By itself, to shower it does not treat, but patches holes in vanity.

These two loneliness which are not interested in each other at all, nevertheless, will meet. The matter is that Florence works in the house of the younger brother Roger, Philipp Greenberg. The successful businessman Philip together with a family goes for a month to Thailand, and decides to lodge temporarily at himself the useless idler - the brother. Roger agrees because, in - the first, it is free, in - the second, change of a situation has to affect well on its sincere health. In addition, he will be able to look after both the house, and a dog.

First Florence treats Greenberg - to the senior with badly hidden suspicion, however soon understands that if he and the loony, then quite harmless. Between them the strange romance novel which at the same time both is necessary to both flashes, and it is not necessary at all. Florence pretends that she does not need the new relations yet, but also without man`s attention to her it is absolutely sad. What is wanted by Roger? Here without bottle you will not understand especially as it it is valid not the fool to drink.

With a current of the movie you understand that Roger Greenberg any not the madman. It the person who is simply closed in himself. Cancer - the hermit. Retired into oneself and not going to come back. Only if very strongly ask. However nobody asks. And does not even remember about it. It terribly upsets him, but he tries not to give a sign. Instead it strenuously scribbles angry letters to various organizations with appeals to understand these or those, in his opinion, wrong situations. On the plane the chair squeaks, music in Starbucks cafe does not correspond, according to Greenberg, to style of an institution.

All his former friends kept about it not the best memoirs. Trying to improve with them the relations again, Greenberg only chafes former wounds. His companions cannot forgive it in any way that he left their fate - group, as they say, on the most interesting place, at the time of signing of the important contract. Why he so made? Why made this decision alone? Greenberg still does not know. As a result, at all participants of that group it was died not as they would like, and all blame for the failures (at least, partially) the poor fellow Roger.

The director Noa Baumbakhu managed the main thing. It found an ideal scenic image for Ben Stiller. The image which is sharply allocated against his standard clownish characters in " movies; All it is crazy about Mary or Acquaintance to parents . Many, having seen in credits Greenberg a name of Stiller, quite naturally considered that it is the next comedy. Also were cruelly disappointed in what were not slow to admit numerous responses. Ben Stiller, most likely, enjoys this role, completely getting used to the somewhat eccentric, unsociable, but vulnerable Greenberg. He is not a so amusing melancholiac, and the ordinary lonely loser to whom in the loneliness it is so uncomfortable, as well as in communication with people around. Can for this reason it and calls the housemaid Florence to divide with her not only cares of the house, but also own leisure.

Quiet, slow, measured cinema. It, of course, not Serious person Koenov, but also not boredom as some network characters who grew up on Luntikakh and other turtles - the ninjia speak. However, the youth will be unambiguously disappointed because it is not ready for Greenberg`s wave. And forty-year-old Roger does not seek to find a common language with the younger generation at all, calling its tastes and a way of life - poor. So they also dispersed, as in the sea the ships.

The performer of the leading female role, Greta Gerwig pleased. Honestly I admit, I did not face works of this actress earlier. However she played just fine. Very sincerely, sincerely, naturally. Thank God, authors had enough mind not to invite any famous starlet to this role that unambiguously would spoil the character. And so most that. So to speak, fresh blood and naturalness. In a duet with expensive By Stiller Gerwig it was not lost, having made with him excellent romantic couple.

It is also surprising to look at a serious face of Reece Ivans, especially later recent Fate - waves . There is Ivans playing a role of the old friend Greenberg of Ayven, unexpectedly appears in an image of the sad knight. In old kind times they with Roger were the best friends, together wrote songs for the group, and he still cannot understand and forgive up to the end to Greenberg his treachery.

Summary: In - the first, it is not the comedy. And it is unimportant what is written in advertizing or in the description of the movie on DVD back. Marketing specialists work, it is their bread. And sometimes they should embellish a little bit events that to attract the viewer. Because the drama by definition a genre less cash, than the comedy or the thriller. In - the second, do not wait for sharp dialogues or sharp turns of a plot, on a wave of this tape it is necessary just to be adjusted. Presently so seldom there are pictures in which there is no violence, let even comic that this event valuably in itself.

Pleasant viewing.