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What main kinds of sun-dried fish?

Who does not love sun-dried fish? Fragrant, unusually tasty, it is also wonderful addition to beer, and a separate product which can quite be ranked as delicacies. Subcutaneous fat with which the carcass of fish becomes impregnated in the course of her drying gives its surprising, incomparable, taste. Does not possess such taste neither fried, nor boiled, nor stewed fish.

The sun-dried fish who is professionally made for is capable to bring to her judge true pleasure. There is a lot of ways of preparation of sun-dried fish. However all of them consist of two stages: preliminary salting and directly vyaleniye. The result of this process can be a miscellaneous, but it is always excellent and worthy the efforts spent for process of a vyaleniye.

In use any sun-dried fish is called a vobla. However it can be both the bream, and small fry, and a guster, and chekhon, and a crucian, and a perch, and a pike, and some sea fish. Each of these species of fish is salted according to the special recipe and processed on a certain technology which specifics are known only to professionals in this area and to the real fishermen.

Most often dry a vobla, small fry, the rudd and to a guster which is quite often called ram. In spite of the fact that ram and the small fry is a little fatter, than the rudd and a vobla, taste at all these species of fish after a provyalivaniye is similar. Only the real gourmet which is a good judge of fish delicacies can catch distinctions in it.

The dried bream is the real pothouse fish. It is significantly larger, than all previous species of fish, and more fatly. The bream has a peculiar flavoring bouquet, and is very popular as in dried, and smoked.

Dried chekhon - extraordinary tasty product! Fat, transparent, she never is dry and is very popular both among fans of beer, and among those who like to regale on a dried small fish.

The crucian is dried according to special recipes which in life is known by the few. Therefore it unfairly is popularity not in the forefront. Well dried, the average sizes, the crucian differs in excellent sweetish taste and a pleasant smell. The small crucian is dryish, however it does not prevent it to be excellent addition to beer.

The dried perch and a dried pike are true delicacies. At a perch fibrous, sweet meat which flavoring advantages are specific, but are indisputable. The pike has tart aroma and soft meat with saturated, full of various components, taste.