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Sun-dried fish: how not to be mistaken?

Sun-dried fish are the salted fish dehydrated in the course of drying. Production of sun-dried fish can happen as in nature under the influence of a sunlight and heat, and in drying chambers when using the special equipment and technologies.

From fish is removed about 80% of moisture, at the same time its appearance changes, fabrics become impregnated with fat therefore meat gets is transparent - yellow, golden color, becomes slightly translucent and oily.

Fat and average fat content fish most is suitable for a vyaleniye. The fish is fatter, the her tastes and aroma are shown more brightly, proteins, vitamins, minerals and useful properties most fully remain.

Duration of a vyaleniye of fish depends on the size, a season and climatic conditions and usually makes from 10 to 30 days. Spring time is most suitable for a vyaleniye as days solar and warm, winds moderate.

can Determine readiness of sun-dried fish by the following main qualities:

1) meat dense, elastic, but not fragile;

2) in a section has rozovato - yellow color;

3) back dry;

4) caviar oranzhevo - red.

If when bending fish cracks or bursts, then it is considered overdried.

Distinctive feature of sun-dried fish is the fact that it is suitable for the use without additional thermal and culinary treatment. Especially strongly dehydrated sun-dried fish is well and long stored.

Sun-dried fish demands special storage conditions because their non-compliance leads to the accelerated damage of a product. It has to be stored in the cool, well aired, dry room, it is desirable in a hover, or papered. It is inadmissible to store fish in polyethylene as it does not pass air.

Should pay attention to appearance and a smell of sun-dried fish. Its surface has to be smooth, without raid and salt. It is necessary to pay attention to emergence even of a small putrefactive smell and an easy light raid. Such fish can be spoiled and unsuitable to the use.

For increase in period of storage, fish it is possible to process sunflower oil or solution of vinegar. At exact observance of ways and storage conditions, sun-dried fish will not lose the properties and qualities within 5 months.

Most often in a dried look meet chekhon, rybets, the bream, a guster, a pike perch, a perch, a crucian, a pike, small fry.