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What is good, sharp knives in kitchen? It is pleasant cooking of different dishes!

Exist a set of firms on production of knives. The different countries offer the production. And it is very difficult to find good and convenient knives in this variety of goods.

Saving money, we buy cheap knives, thinking: The Knife - it and in Africa a knife . There passes week and ALL - does not cut, became blunted, the desire in general to prepare and approach a plate vanishes. But the vital need of an organism demands food. And we unwillingly go on kitchen and we prepare, only we do not cut products, and we cut to pieces and we break, killing in ourselves nervous cages from a dull knife. We begin to look for convulsively a sharpener or the one who will be able to grind. If that, not another we do not find, we run again to buy cheap knives. Periodically all this bothers us, and then we come into company shops selling knives, and there - the price bites. We begin to think again: For what such money? For a knife? And it is necessary for me? I will better buy ten knives on this money! And again all at first!

And now I will answer all questions what arise of us in the head!

Actually good knife - it also costs well. Yes, it is worth being spent and buy once expensive and good knives. Here at any restaurant, the cook respecting himself will not buy cheap knives, he will buy worthy, good knives, speed and a tastiness of preparation depends only on the cook and his knife, and even the most whimsical visitor of this restaurant will estimate giving speed on a table of a dish and its saturation of taste. And you in house conditions, with good knives, will become as these cooks. You will feel a difference at once, how softly he cuts as quickly you have a preparation process, how long behaves sharpening, and you will begin to feel the professional in the kitchen. And any your guest and the family will be delighted with your skillful cooking!!!

I recommend to pay attention to these knives!

Knives and scissors of the " brand; Felix - Solingen are made at the enterprises of " firm; FELIX GmbH in the city of Solingen, Germany, from high-strength chrome - molybdenum - vanadic korrozionno - the resistant steel which is let out at plants of world famous German metallurgical concern KRUPP. " firm; FELIX GmbH - one of the leading producers of knives in Germany, conducts the history with 1843 years when the founder of firm Gustav Felix opened to Solingen factory on production of knives. Throughout nearly two centuries the product range of firm was complemented and extended, invariable was the highest quality of products. Today " firm; FELIX GmbH - this large modern hi-tech enterprise which is letting out more than 400 kinds of knives and scissors. Production of firm is well-known in many countries of Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

Use of carefully selected raw materials, fine design, an ergonomic form allow to satisfy needs of the most exacting buyers as the professionals working about meat - and fish products, and housewives.

Shod knives which edge and the handle is shaped from one piece of metal, knives from sheet steel with riveted or cast handles from high-strength plastic, kitchen knives with handles from a pink tree (black rosewood), kitchen scissors for cutting of a bird, fish, the device for sharpening of knives - here the incomplete list of production of firm.

Material of handles of knives allows use of dishwashers.

And, at last, one more undoubted advantage of production Felix Gmbh - it is an optimum ratio of quality and the price !

All production of this firm on the Russian website www. felix - solingen. ru