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Formation of cost of advance of the website - as how?

And how many you have an advance of the website? - this question is asked most often by the clients thinking of advance of the website and the first time having addressed in SEO - the company. Most of owners of the websites consider that advance is a certain service of briberies and interaction with employees of search engines, so, has to have the accurate and fixed cost regardless of subject of the website and inquiries.

Actually nobody is engaged in bribery of employees of search engines. It is unprofitable to do paid delivery to search engines since they, first of all, care for quality of the issued information in response to inquiries of users, the final number of audience of the searcher directly depends on quality. Practically all large search engines have an own system selling a contextual advertizing, on it now generally and searchers earn.

Usually the client conducts negotiations from several SEO at once - the companies and asks to pick up and estimate inquiries for advance. Advance cost by the same words in various SEO - the companies can differ in tens of times. And how to the customer in this case not to get confused with the prices? For the answer to this question it is necessary to learn at first what there is cost of advance of the website of.

Each company has the unique approach to calculation of cost of advance based, first of all, on experience of SEO - experts, but there are basic points which consider all companies when forming cost.

As as can influence the final cost of advance of the website:

reference weight;

age of the website;

website parameters;

amount of inquiries for advance;

quantity of search engines;

final positions of inquiries (TOP - 10/5/3);

initial optimization of the website;

website type (the Internet - shop, flash, a news portal);

analysis of the websites of competitors;

the provided guarantees;

the SEO brand - the companies.

we Will dwell upon each point

Reference weight - the most important factor which directly influences the final budget of advance. Reference weight is defined by the analysis of the websites of the competitors taking top positions on key inquiries. The cost and quality of the entering references is counted, there is a classification of references on paid for which it is regularly necessary to pay, and on constants, or as it is accepted to call them still, natural. The exiles received as a result of an exchange between the websites, references from catalogs and blogs, social services and forums can be also referred to natural references.

For advance in highly competitive subjects the advanced website needs to have a certain number of the entering references, a certain reference threshold, approximately same, as well as at competitors. But competitors can have very large number of the entering references from - for the fact that they began advance much earlier and managed to gain a certain reference weight. That to the advanced website to reach the same level, certain time is required, but upon the correct purchase of references of result it is possible to achieve much quicker. In this case the number of references does not play such important role as their quality.

The age of the website is of great importance when forming cost for advance services since depends on age of the website through what time inquiries can get on the first pages of search engines. The website is younger, the bigger term is necessary for a conclusion of requests for top positions on competitive words (for example, plastic " windows;) . For many search engines the age serves as a certain indicator of a level of credibility to the website (trust), and it needs to be accumulated gradually. If the website is made just yesterday and even for the present did not get to base of search engines, then to the reference budget it is possible to add safely another 20 - 30%, as do many SEO - the companies.

It is quite probable that for the websites more young 6 months can advise to refuse advance of highly competitive inquiries ( plastic " windows; " conditioners;) and in exchange will offer several less frequency inquiries ( to buy conditioners in Moscow etc.) . It will reduce risk of unjustified expenses and will allow to increase sales due to low competitive inquiries at the beginning. Further, when the level of credibility to the website will increase, it is possible to start advance of more difficult and competitive inquiries.

The amount of inquiries for advance influences, first of all, increase in reference weight. The more raznotematichesky inquiries it is used for advance on one website, the bigger budget is required ( " refrigerator; kitchens etc.) . It is always cheaper and more favorable to advance the wide list of thematic inquiries.

Quantity of search engines . What more search engines are involved in advance by, the bigger budget is required to those. Usually at advance in SEO Yandex - the companies a bonus carry out advance in Rambler, Google and Search. Mail. ru. The additional percent to the budget will bring advance in exotic searchers.

Final positions of inquiries influence increase in reference weight which is necessary for achievement of certain positions. It is accepted to allocate three main places: from the first on the tenth, from the first on the fifth and from the first on the third.

Website parameters slightly influence advance cost, they influence the term of advance and the general indicator of quality of the website more. For example, the following indicators can enter an assessment of parameters of the website: tITs, PR values, existence of the website in Yandex. The catalog, total of pages of the website in bases of search engines whether the website moved ahead earlier and some sanctions on it from search engines were inflicted (for spam etc.) existence of viruses on the website. For example, Yandex warns the user about existence of a virus and asks not to visit the infected website.

Initial optimization of the website indirectly influences advance cost, influences conversion and return from the website more. Anyway even if by optimization of the website serious mistakes, each SEO - the company were made earlier, accepting the new website on advance, does optimization anew. Competent initial optimization of the website allows to lower time of removal of requests for the planned positions in delivery, so, and the payback period of costs of advance is reduced.

The website type influences strategy of advance in search engines which choice can lead to increase or reduction of the reference budget. If it is the Internet - shop, then full optimization of the website is important here and if the website is made on the flash technology, then it is possible, it will be necessary to make it by html (static) version for the subsequent advance.

The analysis of the websites of competitors helps to analyse and choose future strategy of advance of the website, return and attendance, to reveal mistakes which will help to reduce the final cost of advance.

The provided guarantees considerably influence future budget of advance. Most often, if SEO - the companies undertake to return 100% of the cost of advance of inquiries at not conclusion them on the specified places, then as an insurance from the client the additional fee is charged.

The SEO brand - the companies can strongly influence the final cost of advance since many leaders of SEO - the market take additional cost for the name, safely increasing the reference budget in three - four, and sometimes and five times. The majority of SEO - the companies make continuous experiments on influence of references to search engines, monitor changes and apply the obtained data already in the course of advance of the clients. Thereby the known SEO - the companies can offer cost much below or above the competitors.

Now on the Internet there are a lot of automated services for advance in which it is possible to make independent estimation of cost by separate words - ru/, ru/, rookee. ru/. It will help to define at least approximate price policy of advance. Optimum it is better for client to order calculation of cost of advance at least at 5, and it is better at 10 SEO - the companies and to ask to paint on points as what works are included in this price.