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How to choose a roofing covering?

the Modern market of construction materials offers a huge variety of various roofing coverings. Making the choice, it is necessary to think of much: and about a house esthetics (the roof is actually the business card), and about reliability, durability, convenience in operation of a roof, and about load of the base of the house. A considerable role in the choice of a roofing covering is played also by financial opportunities. Let`s consider various options, both expensive, and cheap, their pluses and minuses.

Until recently asbestos-cement slate was the most popular roofing material . It was used everywhere: and in multystoried construction, and at construction of industrial buildings, and at construction of private houses, garages, economic constructions.

The most attractive in asbestos-cement slate is the price: cheaper this roofing material in the market simply does not exist. Also ease of installation belongs to pluses. But in comparison with modern materials this loses: it is heavy, fragile, not too durable - in only 8 - 10 years the roof begins to grow with a moss.

Besides, with 70 - x years of last century active fight against asbestos and asbestos materials is almost around the world conducted. Asbestos of any kind began to be considered unhealthy, promoting development of oncological diseases, in particular lung cancer. As a result in many countries use of the materials containing asbestos including asbestos-cement slate is forbidden now.

However, asbestos happens several versions, and not all from them are such toxic (by the way, that asbestos that is got in Russia, is practically not toxic that cannot be told about the asbestos extracted in Europe). So for those who are limited in means, but want to have the house, asbestos-cement slate is still available. As a last resort, the most mistrustful can use this material for the device of a roof of garages, economic constructions and so on - uninhabited structures.

Bezasbestovy slate enjoys popularity (euroslate, ondulin) . Similarity of an ondulin and asbestos-cement slate only external - both that, and another are issued in the form of corrugated sheets. For production of euroslate the fiber glass or a cardboard impregnated by bitumen with high pressures and temperature is used.

Ondulin can be various flowers that adds to him popularity. Besides, sheets become covered with polymer and protectively - a decorative paint layer. So the roof from euroslate looks very attractively.

Minus is that the guaranteed service life of this roofing material - 15 years. For a house roof such term is very small. It is better to choose something more long-term and thorough.

Such material is the natural tile . It is a classics of roofing coverings. Everywhere in the world it is possible to see architecture monuments under the tile roofs which remained nearly from Thomas Aquinas`s times up to now.

The natural tile is issued of three versions now : a ceramic tile (it is made of clay, almost according to recipes of Ancient Greece), it is cement - sandy and polymer - sandy tiles. Polymer - a sandy tile it is only possible natural to call conditional - polymers are its part.

This material is frost-resistant, fireproof, thermoracks (this property excludes sharp daily differences of temperatures indoors), bioracks, is steady chemically, has the high level of noise-absorbing, does not accumulate static electricity, is simple in installation and does not demand the device of powerful rafter designs (it significantly reduces the price of the roof device). Besides, it is very simple to look after a natural tile - it is easily cleared, does not need painting. And service life - more century!

Relative fragility of a natural tile is its shortcoming - when transporting or other mechanical influences (for example, the bird fell to a roof) there can be splits and damages. Well and, of course, the price - it is impossible to call a natural tile especially budgetary roofing material in any way.

However, it is cement - a sandy tile much cheaper ceramic and quite is suitable even for the budgetary building.

If you choose polymer - a sandy tile, then it is necessary to consider that brightness of paints of this roofing material is guaranteed for a period of up to 30 years, and service life - not less than 50 years while it is cement - sandy and ceramic guarantee century of a reliable roof.

Recently soft the bituminous tile (a flexible tile, gont, shingls, a roofing tile) - the imitation of a tile made of rezinobitumny plates began to gain popularity. From above such plates are made out by a mineral or stone crumb that gives to a soft tile refined decorative effect. Service life - more than 60 years.

Roofing coverings from metal are considered reliable . Generally, the family of metal roofs is very extensive therefore we will consider only some of these materials.

For today it is considered the most status of metal roofs copper . And, in full compliance with the status, this covering is one of the most expensive. But - and one of the most durable. As a matter of fact, the maximum service life of a copper roof is not defined as the oxides arising on a surface are absolutely reliable protection against corrosion and damage.

The copper roof has an interesting feature - due to formation of an oxide film the roof gradually changes the color from reddish to malachite.

Are so long-term, as well as copper, roofs from titan - zinc . This material possesses the same feature, as copper: over time gathers a protective layer of a patina, that is has natural protection against corrosion.

Unfortunately, the titan - zinc, as well as copper, is available not to all. The similar roof does not belong to the category budgetary on which device it is possible to save. Galvanized steel
(thickness of a leaf of 0,55 mm) and galvanized steel with a polymeric covering is most often used by (thickness of a leaf of 0,5 mm). This material considerably concedes on durability of copper and the titan - to zinc: roof service life from galvanized steel - 25 - 30 years, and from galvanized steel with a polymeric covering - 45 - 55 years. But steel roofs are rather maintainable, not too difficult in service, and their relative fragility is compensated by the price.

Popularity the composite tile got (multilayered structure which basis is the steel sheet covered on both sides with a layer an alyutsinka). Its indicators of noise-absorbing it is better, than at a usual metal tile, the price and durability are comparable. And here appearance is much more nice - the top party becomes covered by granules of a natural stone.

The aluminum roof
possessing the protective layer similar with copper and the titan - zinc (own oxide), and as a result and high service life (100 - 150) is also rather popular . And here its price 10 times less copper or the titan - zinc roofs.

Except similar standard roofing materials, exotic are sometimes applied. Fans suit cespitose, straw, cane roofs, roofs from a wooden shingle - what is called natural roofs . But about similar exotic - in other article.