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10 for and against carrying out vacation in camp.

School vacation Each school student looks forward to them, representing as the whole week there will be no school and constant cares. And here they came. The first 2 - 3 days just you sleep off more especially there is a wish for nothing, then you begin to ask the question what to be engaged in? only the head gives not it a large number of decisions. There is a wish to occupy itself by what there is no opportunity to be engaged during study, and it is not so simple. As a result week flies by, and you understand that you so made nothing sense, and any satisfaction, except removal of physical tension do not feel. There is also other option - to go to camp. Let`s try to understand what " here; for and against such type of rest.

10 " points; for :

1. In camp it is not necessary to ask the question what to be engaged in? occupation will be always and for every taste - both creativity, and sport, and entertainments.

2. Camp - the place of acquaintance to new people, and it is always interesting also many from continue to be on friendly terms also in the city.

3. There will be unforgettable impressions, and as result - moral satisfaction from vacation.

4. An opportunity to reveal and present itself to people as there is a wish, having rejected some roles and stamps which unpleasantly pursue you in the city.

5. Thanks to an activity versatility - an opportunity to find for itself new hobbies.

6. When every day it is filled chock-full - vacation takes place three times longer.

7. An opportunity to gain new knowledge, to realize a lot of new in itself, an opportunity to reconsider the outlooks on life and people - in camp it happens to much bigger probability, than at the computer or on a street bench.

8. An opportunity to leave some complexes and fears.

9. With leaders you can will discuss such questions on which discussion with parents you would never decide.

10. Even if it will not be pleasant - to try something new always it is useful.

10 " points; against :

1. At home it is possible to sleep, whatever one may do, in camp of it it will not turn out.

2. At home it is possible to communicate to all city friends much.

3. Spending vacation in the city them it is possible to devote quietly to game in the computer or the Internet to surfing the whole days.

4. In the city it is possible to devote quietly vacation to the hobby (for example to skating, a snowboard, etc.) .

5. At home it is possible to indulge total nothing - not - to making, it is rest too.

6. Vacation can be devoted to city affairs on which there was no time in academic year.

7. Houses time can be devoted to additional classes in those school objects with which there were problems in a quarter.

8. At home it is possible to spend more time in the bosom of the family.

9. In the city, it is possible will go to treatment and to restore the health shattered by school.

10. If there is no wish to excite nothing new itself - to stay at home for vacation the best option.

Here so. By drawing up points I tried to be as much as possible objective, and, I hope, at me it turned out. Advantages of each of options are well visible that for you it is more important and more interesting to you - to solve only.