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How to grow thin without harm to health of

a diet for fast weight loss constructed by such principles, great variety. They can be subdivided on medicinal and amateur. Sometimes amateur thanks to efforts of mass media become fashionable. And then many begin to use them.

for example, rice, or Chinese diet of effective weight loss. 600 grams of the welded rice and any amount of vegetables and vegetable juice are daily allowed. Caloric content of such day usually does not exceed 1000 calories. It would seem, grow thin to yourself. But, such diet of effective weight loss, perhaps, is harmful. And before for deficiency of protein. For day of such food the organism receives no more than 10 grams of protein, and it is necessary for it at least 40 - 60.

and he receives protein vegetable which strongly differs from our. Such diet of effective weight loss poor in some vitamins, especially vitamins of group B, and also E and. The daily need for them at the Chinese diet is not satisfied also for 30 - 40 percent. I do not say any more that the diet for weight loss is extremely monotonous also monotonous. Actually at it it is forbidden all but rice and vegetables. Even fruit are impossible.

it is called so because once helped Larisa Dolina to grow thin quickly. The diet consists of fasting days, but on the drawing these fasting days constantly change. In the first day you eat the cooked meat, in the second Peta kefir, in the third - eat apples, in the fourth fish and so on till seventh day, and then is again made a fresh start.

The main lack of this diet - a rigid regulation of fasting days, from here - its heavy shipping. However Dolina recommends to observe it no more than 2 weeks - during this time it is possible to dump up to 7 kg (more often than 3 - 4 kg).

This diet does not promote fixing of the received result. All this fashionable diet. You see that besides typical shortcomings - bad shipping, fast adaptation of an organism and the termination of weight loss, low efficiency, high probability of recurrence, is one more, perhaps most important - they are not harmless. As a rule they differ in deficiency of protein and vitamins and what it threatens further with, we already sorted.