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How to learn to understand?

Today`s article will be in some measure continuation two previous, and we will continue conversation on life, on training and on words. As training influences as far as we can feel happy what role in lives in general and in training in particular is played by words which we hear, we read, we say.

It seems improbable - that even those words which we consider as everything known and well familiar to us can cause misunderstanding and confusion. Usual practice - at schools and at independent reading - when we, reading the text, meet new concept, but we do not even try to find out that it means, trying to guess on a context. We were taught at school that it can always be made. Whether so it?

Present that you came to the first lecture for future photographers on portraiture. After acquaintance and an opening speech the teacher speaks:

At the last exhibition I saw the old man`s photograph against a timbered wall. It turned out just excellently in spite of the fact that the structure of the head of this person was quite difficult for shooting. The left part of the face with a scar of this old man and a huge left ear which were visible in this photo would block all perception from expression of his face. But the photographer used the French flag when shooting, and it solved a problem. So, on the following occupation try to bring independently taken portrait picture which would repeat this effect. Take the French flag on the following occupation, we will work with it in our studio. If you do not find in shop, make independently. I just passed in the morning by little shop here, round the corner, they just received suitable fabric. To the next meeting.

Possibly, you will experience some confusion. It is necessary! The flag of France is capable to work such wonders? And, maybe, the flag of Russia will fit? Actually you would have no question and you could perform this task with ease. But only in case you understand each word from this text. If is not present - you will have problems. Words which you do not understand do not allow you to work in the studied area. Right now you can verify this statement. For this purpose stop (do not read article further) and try to perform the photography teacher`s task. Read more attentively! Sosredotochtes! (Standard councils of the school teacher, teacher at institute, parents Isn`t it?)

Well as, it turned out?

Words which you do not understand completely and perfectly can cause in you certain physical and intellectual reactions like confusion, a headache, gripes in eyes, and other. The fragment given above is not so big that these feelings were shown fully. But you will be able to notice for yourself reactions, similar described when you study a subject which not really - that you love or not quite understand. If you tested some of these feelings when you read or re-read an example, then most likely you did not understand the phrase French flag .

Actually at this phrase, as well as at many usual words not a unique value. The French flag is a piece of the black (usually cotton) fabric of about 25 by 40 cm tense on a wire framework which is established over the head of the person in 35 - 50 cm from it and which muffles light falling from a searchlight to make less noticeable some parts of the face. Now re-read what was told by the teacher and if you tried to perform his task, remember what you did and compare to the fact that the teacher would expect from you. Now you, most likely, could perform its task. You can present what should be done, isn`t it? As soon as the person correctly understands all words, he can act and his actions will also be correct, causing the necessary effect.

In technology of training several ways of clearing of words are described, each of which is used for the situation. However, all technology is not limited only to it. It includes also knowledge of hindrances and obstacles in training, and also ways of their elimination , technology of carrying out of demonstrations and of checks assimilation of knowledge, the technology of supply of material and even the organizational moments of process of effective training . These tools are very exact. Just as you know that if the indicator of a charge of the battery of the mobile phone is close to zero, then it should be included in a network for charging, you can precisely know what to do if you or your pupil suddenly begin to cover behind the textbook, the instruction or at lecture. And you take precisely that tool from all arsenal which corrects this concrete situation.

Perhaps, you interests as this technology appeared. Short history such is. The American humanist, the philosopher, the writer, the person with very wide range of spheres of activity who was called Lafayette Ronald Hubbard faced that could not always impart the knowledge to people who wanted to learn at it. Someone grabbed all quickly enough and right there began to act with permanently excellent result, someone sometimes for some reason received unsatisfactory results, and sometimes came across such to whom nothing was impossible as do not abuse them with what words do not explain though go all out.

Having looked at everything that was available for that time in the field of education (it were 60 - e years of a past 20 - go centuries), Hubbard did not find anything that would guarantee process of assimilation of information by other person and emergence of ability in it to work in the new area.

Then he was engaged in independent researches of the reasons of failures in education and soon problems were revealed, classified and given exact ways of elimination of these problems. The technology was described and transferred to educational classes. Later teachers who wanted to apply this technology of training at the schools became interested in it. They founded the organization which was called Applied Education . Over time there were other similar organizations, and now all of them make worldwide network which had same name.

To study technology of training, it is enough to address in any of the organizations of a network of Applied Education. For the first acquaintance can be enough to acquire one of the textbooks describing bases of technology of training, but usual reading of this textbook will not be able to replace a good course: studying of the theory and to the practician on the passable material. In the same way as reading the textbook of mathematics or lecture on mathematics will not be able to make you capable to calculate - practice what simple the theory would not seem is for this purpose necessary.

Example from mathematics: there are certain rules for fast addition and multiplication (fast calculations). But having just read them, hardly you will be able to be ahead of the person considering on the calculator or the computer at once. And having enough practised - it is easy. As it, speak, Thais are able to do. To multiply for couple of seconds two 4 - 6--place numbers for them - trifling business!

Practice is very important. Except that it is training of your abilities, practice is a way to get rid of false situations in the theory. However, it is a subject for future articles.

Be attentive to words. Go on life with understanding!

Elena Babicheva,

employee of Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization

Applied Formation of the CIS