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What each first-year student has to know about?

Transition from high school to the world of a higher educational institution - a serious stage. Probably, many people who were influenced a syndrome of the first course and became subsequently authoritative persons well remember it. I will try to describe what the newly made student has to be afraid not to take off for the first session.

Strangely enough, this feeling of FREEDOM. The former school student who got used to absolutely certain and rigid order at school at university from the first day has feeling of lack of any control and parents often say to children that they already adult and nobody is going to watch them. Day as at school is not so regulated. The student, apparently, is provided to himself. Such outlaws. You want - study, and you want (speaking the modern language) - chuck in everything, the school with annoying teachers was graduated it is possible and to have a rest. Such mood is especially dangerous in serious higher education institutions therefore also percent deducted from the first course, for example, in MGTU of N. E. Bauman, very high. From here a conclusion - the first course, or at least a semester arises, it is necessary to study also diligent as at school especially as objects in the majority of higher education institutions are logical continuation or even repetition earlier studied, respectively and the program of training that is not strong and differs from school, except for couple of objects. The Daaa what here to tell, test by freedom not to everyone on a shoulder, and not only at university, and in general in life.

One more phenomenon, by the way, which is continuously connected with feeling of freedom - the RELAXATION. Feelings of absolutely young person who crossed a threshold of a high school door still approximately are as follows: I passed the most difficult examinations in the life which cost to me considerable efforts and nerves, and here any respite - again for work, again grind away at the studies. Now I am a student and I have a right to rest . A relaxation - the normal state for the person who performed work, but long stay in this state is fraught with unpleasant consequences.

the Following of what it is worth avoiding in the thoughts - DISAPPOINTMENT. Having chosen a certain profession (the engineer, the economist, the psychologist), children find out that the first course gives not special knowledge, and the same, for someone hated, school objects. Many become despondent and think And where my profession, where all that I want to study? Whether there I got? - these questions are asked to themselves by newly appeared students. They want to dive from school into specialty, at once to feel in that role which they chose. By and large the higher education institution - to give the flavor about future profession at once has to dispel feeling of disappointment for what seminars on introduction to specialty are held in many higher education institutions.

my council: not to be dug in in fundamental sciences and basic objects, and to think of what waits for you ahead what prospects you have. You will reach a third year, and everything will become much more fascinating. And the most important if you made the wrong choice of higher education institution, you feel that it not yours, do not waste time - try to pass into other higher education institution during the first two courses. Presently mobility is a norm, and in change of university there is nothing terrible. Take the plunge that it was not necessary to regret in the future, having spent 5 - 6 years for obtaining the diploma which will become dusty somewhere in a sideboard.

As to the young people who became first-year students without loss to worry a difficult stage? I would advise the following. In psychology there is a new direction under the name positive psychology . She is urged to help in any situation to estimate to the person it only pain and suffering, but also pleasure of life.

of People, entering this world, has to know: cunning strategy of achievement of happiness consists in never to strive for happiness as a state, and to set before itself the real purposes and to reach them. If the student accurately plans specific objectives and will see that he copes with them, then he will achieve success and further.