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The good gift is necessary? Business gifts and business - souvenirs from genuine leather - it is practical, beautifully, solidly.

are familiar to All feeling of involuntary respect for a thing from genuine leather of skillful manufacture? When carefully you hold in hand expensively and with taste the issued album, the book, a notebook, the folder, a purse, an organizer from this unique material

Also blow as ancient beliefs relief stampings on elastic cover (yes Alexander Blok game of a context will forgive!) as if reflections of a flame of a fireplace of a medieval castle are stored by a nice on the touch surface. Also it seems that this thing - live that she breathes that as the loyal friend, supports and approves, helps and warms the owner and in problem situations, and minutes of rest.

The executed at the level of a work of art, necessary subject in everyday life, possessing own character, favourably emphasizes also taste of the owner, forming the most positive image, causing respect of colleagues and clients.

" company; Institute of skin several years independently develops and makes interesting creative models of business accessories from genuine leather. On the website own the Internet - " shop; Business - souvenirs the gallery of business gifts and business - souvenirs from genuine leather - a portfolio, organizers, card holders, daily logs, photo albums is presented Here only that production which is made by the company is on sale.

On the website it is possible to find a lot of interesting information on all pieces of the range, on emergence of the art directions which found reflection in registration of series - Ancient Egypt Dreams about Japan (especially for glamourous ladies), Persian motives Long live, Russia! Jungle The Art - a decor Double Ekzo ...

The exclusive, executed manually leather photo albums. Issued by a beautiful stamping, they will give joy for many years and will serve to you belief and the truth, carefully storing memorable and favourite pictures.

The daily log, a portfolio or an organizer - the irreplaceable assistant in affairs, the necessary attribute of the successful person emphasizing it style. With its help it is possible to manage to make much more, to forget nothing, not to get lost in information streams of our high-speed reality. We often hold it in hand therefore it is important that the design especially pleased (and from a kaleidoscope of options of series and those can choose very best) - and then in life there will be much more positive!

Not less important in business life as you store business cards, it is pleasant to put a card in qualitatively executed refined card holder (whether desktop, whether pocket) from soft velvety skin.

And who will begin to argue what the presentable cover for the passport and a purse for autodocuments is extremely important for dear member of society? Quite often it happens to show documents, and how they look, predetermines the attitude and towards their owner

These practical, useful things of original exclusive design in everyday life from the producer - a safe gift on any case, whether it be birthday of the friend or girlfriend, anniversary of the chief or a wedding of the fellow worker And for, darling.

They will be good and as pleasant gifts for the staff of the company for the purpose of increase of their loyalty, and as solid corporate gifts to partners and clients. And in quality business - souvenirs (with the put logo) the most positive associations with your company will cause.