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Whether it is possible to learn English in a month?

to Learn English in a month?! Whether it is real? Some claim that it is possible. Just imagine - all in a month it is possible not to redden at a meeting with the talker - the foreigner, and having staid without turning a hair, to point to it to Red Square, of course, with the purpose to prompt how there to reach.

But all - - month, the same only thirty days! What it is possible to be in time during this time? Someone in a month even does not find time to learn the alphabet - and here it is possible to learn to speak? Really it is serious?

more serious does not happen! In a month it is really possible to learn to speak in English. Even if to begin to study it from scratch. As to make it - now we will tell.

For example, summer vacation begins, seniors do not want to go to summer camp, students from camp already grew, to a long-awaited trip on the sea or in a campaign - a month more, and even it is more - than to occupy summer?

It appears, now month can be spent with advantage and rather seriously to increase the level of proficiency in English (namely - to learn to speak, that is to be able to formulate phrases with a thought speed, but not with a speed of work of the translation with the dictionary). How? Very simply. It is necessary to present only on a sekundochka that instead of a trip on giving or circulations behind purchases it is possible to speak five hours a day in English, plunging on language Wednesday more and more. It is not obligatory to go abroad for this purpose. Sometimes happens to create enough a language environment artificially (as create artificial reservoirs and pools for those who want to learn to swim).

If you begin holiday, and to leave the city of an opportunity is not present (circumstances happen different) - it is possible to carry out also holiday or its part with advantage, having returned for work as the person with more demanded skills and higher (the main thing, reasonably!) ambitions - with ability to communicate in English.

Of course, question Where so quickly to learn English? it is quite natural. It can be made, having passed the express - training this summer at an English course in the Moscow center ESL of a network of the centers of Applied Education. It is exactly the express - training , but not the express a course . The difference between these two concepts is that in the first case (the express - training) you are trained quickly because the schedule of occupations - very dense: daily waits for you on 6 class periods of trainings during 2 - x weeks (with breaks between educational couples and for the weekend). The second option is a concise studying of English which is practiced by some courses and authors. At the express - courses there is a big shortcoming: they are too concise and give not enough practice considerably to influence your language proficiency. Therefore in our case it is about the express - training - full training from 40 o`clock pure practice and 20 hours which are allotted on the theory.

Well as? Prospects are tempting! Especially, if to consider that it is possible to pass in the saturated mode several levels of English at once and to leave the person already capable to communicate in English. For someone it can turn out plus that it is possible to plunge into language thus at home, without leaving the hometown. Someone, perhaps, will want to spend 2 - 4 weeks in Moscow, combining training with walks in the city and vicinities in non-study time.

What special is in such course? Possibly, you heard about law of large numbers or how the quantity turns into quality. During training at a course this principle is very actively used.

It is valid what happens to the person who several hours a day speaks in English? Correctly: he begins to speak on him more with confidence and fluently, perceives the speech of the people surrounding it better, gets used that he can speak other language. He does not manage to forget as something to tell. Communication in English becomes a habit .

In principle, the same process, as at a trip to the English-speaking country. Abroad the person comes, several hours a day in English communicate, gradually get used to it, are involved, then begin to speak more safely and quicker. Only in a case about the express - training it is not necessary to go anywhere, it is not necessary to make out visas and international passports - everything that is necessary for training, already is. Besides, there is even a number of advantages.

For example, abroad any person usually will not begin to correct errors of the interlocutor - and then to learn to speak it is correctly possible only listening to the speech of other people, showing a maximum of attentiveness and an ingenuity, being engaged in self-correction. It is more difficult and long way: you should be at the same time both pupils, and the teacher. To play in solo performance . In time the express - training one of functions of the teacher - statement of correctness of a pronunciation and an explanation of the correct use of words and offers by the pupil. Way more comfortable and fast.

The summer intensive period of training in English is not only pleasant pastime - talk, communication, new friends and the familiar, new horizons, eventually. The express - training can become for you this summer in the excellent way to really improve knowledge of English. What it should work within three months on, can be passed for one. And with effect of immersion on Wednesday.

All who ever learned language irrespective of age and an occupation, usually note how they lack practice. Long ago it is known and it is absolutely clear and logical that the more to practice use of language, the it is more than chances to begin to use it as language - it is free and easy, but not as a shrine: with aspiration, fading before each phrase. And, besides, the nasyshchenny such practice, the is more than chances to move from perception of a foreign language as alien, to begin to remember told on foreign, easily, on the " submachine gun; to be at proper words and phrases.

The more practicians, the there are more knowledge, the it is more than knowledge - the it is easier to feel demanded. You want to spend month of summer with benefit and advantage? Then a course of colloquial English of Applied Education - the fact that it is necessary for you! Register in a free fact-finding lesson, and let communication in English will become for you easy and pleasant occupation!

Aleksandra Zharikova,

teacher of English

of the course ESL of Applied Education