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Not leaving a mark . The Internet is how dangerous?

Director: Gregory Hoblit

In roles: Dian Leyn, Billey Byork, Colin Hanks, Joseph Cross-country, Mary Beth Hert, etc.

Genre: Criminal thriller, drama

Category: B

Ratings: IMDb - 6. 1, Kinopoisk - 6. 8

Budget: 35 mln. dollars, collecting in the world - 52 million

Invasion of the Internet into our life - as that two-edged sword. It seems and well, but at the same time there are also obvious negative nuances. The FBI agent Jennifer Marsh (Dian Leyn) fights against similar negative elements. Its task includes tracking of all network rabble, including swindlers, hackers, pedophiles and, pepper, numerous fans of a freebie, that is, us, users of torrents - shmorrent is clear. The computer predator Jennifer not only skillfully finds these villains in a network, but also nearly personally prefers to be present at their capture in the act. Looks approximately also as though our cops took with themselves on watch of the system administrator. However, considering that they can kill with one click of a mouse the website and define genealogy of the user to the fifth knee, their direct presence on a crime scene is unsurprising. Who knows, be at Clarissa Starling the netbook and a web - a chamber, can and doctor Lekter would be porazgovorchivy?

Jokes jokes, and besides harmless violators of copyright and laymans stealing credit cards from the parents on the Internet periodically appear extremely undesirable companions. For example, the certain sadist preferring on the website Kill Together with me a point a lump to show murders of real people in real time. The most important counter of this project - direct dependence between the number of visitors of the website and process: the more people visit the website, rather the victim will die. Thereby, the mysterious murderer as if tries to tell the public - it not he kills these unfortunate, they are killed by human curiosity and thirst for viewing of mucks. And with growth of popularity of the website the lesser term is allotted to each subsequent victim to

It is obvious that before us socially oriented option of the tape " which made a noise in due time; Saw and its numerous (already the seventh part prepares now) continuations. Gregory Hoblit`s picture unambiguously concedes to the well-known franchize in an ingenuity, but marks on a more substantial scale. In To the Saw the shizanuty maniac fooled small group of people, and here - all America. The infection could extend and for the whole world, but the murderer providently chopped off access for other countries. For what reason and whether it is connected with China - in a picture does not speak.

FBI, by the way, from the very beginning regretted the full incompetence, without having managed to disconnect the website for failure to pay. Like, it has a wandering IP address which travels from Jamaica to Russia, and it is, I`m sorry, not our jurisdiction. Though, probably, the server of the harmful murderer could be found purely in the direction of a traffic because when several million residents of the country come to take a look at the next murder within several hours, similar network migrations imperceptibly do not take place. But to authors of the movie, as usual, more visible who and where has a treasured button.

Despite rather big chaos of various computer mistakes, creators advance in masses, in general, the correct idea. Which, unfortunately, proceeds in the tape final from the murderer`s lips, so, in fact, is not perceived as morals of the movie. And it would be necessary. The matter is that escalation of violence on television and in a world wide web really happens by the principle of a geometrical progression. On the modern Internet anyone, without owning special skills, can find in only a few seconds anything - from the most strong porn till ways of creation of explosive in house conditions. By itself, it does not mean that all will rush urgently to make bombs, but, nevertheless.

If to consider cinema merits of this picture, then to brag to the director and screenwriters, in general, there is nothing. Rather standard scheme of a genre, without special delicacy and original turns of a plot. The first part of the movie entices unclear motives and the mysterious personality of the villain, in the second part there is already a banal opposition of the good cop and bad, but suffering, the criminal. The main part of the imagination of authors left on tasty, and, thank God, not strongly sickening, scenes of killing. For the rest we deal with rather ordinary picture. At Gregory Hoblit behind the back weak Radio wave with Denis Quade and quite good old thriller Primitive fear which was generally extended by actors - Richard Gere and Edward Norton.

On actor`s works there is nothing to tell too. Ex-wife mountaineer Christopher Lambert and present - Josh Brolin, the actress Dian Leyn played exactly and unpretentiously. The character at it turned out absolutely flat and nesoperezhivatelny, but is intense - drama. In general, all these cine policewomen, beginning from Angelina - ours - Jolie and finishing Kate Bekinseyl in recent To Whiteout cause in me a strong feeling of indifference. Besides the Lane and the offspring Tom Hanks, Colin who played it the workmate, in a picture more the become familiar persons are not observed therefore against boring stars other heroes honestly worked the fees, especially without getting out of trousers.

Summary: Quite watchable disposable cinema. Silly in places, but in general removed in traditions of a detective genre. The necessary tension and a suspense is not felt, but to the end it is watched easily. To me the one and only episode when the main villain remotely chopped off to our aunt from FBI the mobile phone and the on-board computer of her SUV was only remembered. Then it had to go out of the car, having beaten out glass from the driver`s party. The advantage of technical progress is obvious, isn`t it?