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Alexey Vinogradov. How to lay the girl? Man`s secrets of

Author: Alexey VINOGRADOV.

are memoirs of leading (man) of a marriage heading in the newspaper who disappeared more than ten years under the pseudonym Nastenka Asfaltova

... Let`s try to understand in what way the easiest to tempt the girl.

Nearly eight years I read your love affairs which readers send to my newspaper, and on them gradually I systematize various techniques of a seducing of girls. At me several separate sexual schools were already defined. It is time to share this rich material with our readers.

" school; HEY . It is the most unpretentious and most national school. It is school of a hail: Hey, the girl, you where go . And further offers to carry out, drink or at once to oversleep follow. This school since the childhood 90 percent of the man`s population therefore we will not stop on its detailed analysis own. Usually every fifth girl is easily given on " school; HEY in the first evening.

" school; OOH . It is already more perfect technique of a seducing. It is school of a look on which successfully dressed guy meets a look of the stranger and pleasantly smiles to it. OOH, what guy! If the girl answers with a smile, so it not against " school; OOH and she recognized in you the standing guy. This girl already waits from you for the invitation to evening appointment. Further the guy can, at choice, or continue to tempt within two weeks her on " school; OOH or in the same evening to sin with it by means of " school; HEY .

" school; OH . for this purpose the guy instantly imitates romantic love at first sight. It is school of high-quality chatter: it abandons the stranger pure compliments and ridiculous stories. Day, evening and night merge for the girl in one fine whole. On " school; OH the first morning lovers already meet in a bed. OH, I am all yours! It is sexual school, very dangerous to female soul, but, fortunately, qualitatively it only units of men which open maiden hearts as cans own.

And if to tell about same it is serious... That difficult at acquaintance to the girl is to approach and start talking to her. The main thing, at the same time not to be afraid of refusal because only the abnormal girl will easily agree where - nibud to go with the unfamiliar guy. It is necessary to surprise her with something: either grandiloquent phrase, or successful joke, or unexpected offer. Eventually, she will agree because inside to each normal girl the abnormal girl necessary to you dozes.

In the first hour of your acquaintance you should not ask anything the girl, except, of course, her name. You have to speak, speak, speak, without allowing it to come round and to change the mind. Having heard from you the whole hour of interesting stories, she will want to tell about the too. Here do not kill it. Let it retell then to you the amusing cases from kindergarten and school. It is only necessary not to disturb and assent in the right place.

Remember if the girl told you, for example, as she stayed last summer with the grandmother - it is already half your girl.

In several hours the girl all the same will pass to a love subject, will tell about herself something excellently sad, beautiful and romantic. For God`s sake, only do not prevent it to lie about it. Having reached the most tragic moment, the girl will begin to tell by slightly trembled voice. Do not miss this moment, regret it, embrace, press, kiss on hair - only not in lips (let gnaws the " further; Orbits ) . If the girl correctly reacts to your tenderness and understanding, then from the next day she will already fall in love with you - the main thing not to let loose a hands from first evening. You will manage to dismiss ikheshche.

Spend all second day for interesting walk from the new acquaintance. You reduce it, for example, on the nature, but you bypass any bushes. It is necessary to suffer a little with it as any your sexual haste right there will be noticed by it - It same as everything, is necessary for it from me only it .

In the third day - be sad and you do not speak to it why. She will ask, she all will be burned with curiosity, she will even a little take offense. Wait for darkness and tell about yourself some very tragic story. She has to regret you - only this way in them women wake up. Allow it to embrace yourself, to stroke on the head, to nestle edge of a breast on your shoulder. Answer it with one long man`s kiss. But only one also take her home.

For the fourth day you have to think over as well as where you it have to drop or lean. Let you be not confused by any situation. The girl with the favourite guy can do it everywhere, and with unloved - only in a good situation.

And further it is easy - half an hour of hot kisses, and happiness at any fence.

I would call this technique " school; OUCH because in the last thirty years according to this scheme tempt all good, modest and house girls. OUCH, what I am a silly woman that believed it! Here for this purpose I also write so in detail about " school; OUCH that honest girls were familiar with this artful way of a seducing too and strong held the maiden fort.

As for other sexual schools, I, perhaps, would add a couple of words about " school; OH . This typical disco school - OH, oh, oh - with whom I will go home! It differs from " school; HEY only place of initial acquaintance. On " school; OH it is necessary only to go to see off the girl, and then to let loose hands to the earth.