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It is urgent to grow thin by summer?!

... I just cannot wait more! Already soon summer! And I awfully thick, you see, the DOCTOR! I need to grow thin urgently by summer!... (From conversation with the real patient.)

of Nonsense of human, its dimensionlessness and prevalence I am not tired to be surprised! Yes the reader will forgive me for it rigidly - the unpleasant beginning of article.

From talk with the patients the competent psychotherapist can always draw a conclusion on prospect of work with this client. And so: the inquiry to grow thin By summer and it is urgent form the most difficult in the predictive plan and short-sighted women. Why? And that is why:

1. If at the person aims seasonal fluctuations if it realizes requirement to grow thin (more precisely, tries to realize) only by summer, and in the rest of the time of year strenuously devours tons of high-calorific muck, then and the aspiration will go towards the aim at it to fluctuate seasonally . It is not the purpose, but the pseudo-purpose! Desire to show off to people around (in the summer - that is less than clothes!!) and more anything! If there was a REAL concern about the health and beauty, then and the aspiration to change would not carry seasonal character, and had a constant tendency!

2. To grow thin urgently? How you to yourself think of it? The few know that safe and reliable rate of weight loss - only 3 - 6 kg a month! About what urgency can there be a speech in general?

Now we will in more detail talk about our purposes! On our evening marathons of weight loss which we spend already 4 years in Orenburg Moscow and St. Petersburg, I often should hear such formulations of the purpose: To Grow thin to get into a " dress; To Grow thin quietly to appear on the " beach; To put on that dress which to me once was just... etc. But any purpose is a program to action! How the person formulates the purpose, also efficiency of his actions depends! Directly! And " program; to grow thin by summer will finish the action exactly when... there will come the summer! And further - again return to a begemotopodobny state and bitter groans and plaints that nothing helps, it is visible an exchange such at me... Very small percent of people realizes it. And in vain! Having built correctly the program - the purpose, it is possible to achieve impressive results. So, for what it is REALLY necessary to grow thin:

always to be healthy and beautiful

to prove everything - to myself that I am not a gruel, and to dissuade others from the lightness

to open for itself other pleasures and hobbies.

That it is always good to span to feel and a lot of things to get on well at this short (to universal measures) and a pleasant instant under the name LIFE!

to love and be really favourite, not to ruin the life complexes.

Approximately it has to be quite so! And " programs; To Grow thin by summer ILI To Grow thin to get into a " dress; start dangerous psychological swing under the name Dumping - a weight set . So what is swing :

the Person only at a given time and under the influence of external environment decides to lose the weight

his desire unstable, and the program is unstable (see above)

After achievement of the purpose (sometimes only intermediate results) the person leaves completely himself to the mercy of fate and begins himself to be sorry and praise, poor excess quantity of food. Bulimia begins.

After sharp increase in body weight there is sense of shame and despair, own lack of will and an otioseness again. And again search of miracle methods of treatment begins...

On our so-called evening marathons of weight loss we draw... circle of pleasures! The food in this circle occupies sector from 50 to 90%, as a rule work and a family appear. On it all! The person does not derive pleasure from other processes! How it is possible to make changes resistant, to record weight forever, if not to find, on to open for itself other pleasures? In any way! After marathons the food already occupies from 10 to 30% and there are other pleasures - pleasure of travel, sex, a hobby, communication with friends, sports occupations, communication with the nature etc. of

Sex - in general a special subject. As well as in the Soviet Union, at our clients and clients is it... no!

And what can be sex, really if legs fall off and constantly the head hurts... I in general hardly live! That is the basic, main pleasure in life quietly changes... on a grub! What it is possible to speak further about??

Causes a regret and continuous search by some of our clients wonderful substances special diets etc. To do nothing desire most and at the same time to change something, to shift responsibility for own changes to anyone, except itself, brings to morally - to moral decomposition of the person. The insincerity multiplied by dullness - great destructive power! I thought much why so occurs... And I found the answer: it is just natural selection! Someone should survive, to someone is not present. Someone calls life pathetic coexistence with bouquet own diseases and a grub, someone not unreasonably considers it as spiritual death...

What exit from this deadlock?

Complex! Work with the psychologist will help the person to understand correctly the overeating reason, to estimate calming action of food on the person to carry out revaluation of value of food to lives. Work with the psychotherapist will help to correct the existing program of food behavior already at the subconscious level, if necessary having put temporary bans on the use of certain products. Psychotherapist as if awakens subconsciousness reserves, the client`s relation to food helps to reconstruct completely. Most of inhabitants represents work of the psychotherapist only as work hypnosis and coding actually psychotherapy methods much more, and the listed two methods borrow in our work not " at all; places of honor ...

Work with the endocrinologist - the nutritionist will help to make most comfortably and professionally a comfortable and optimum food allowance, to exclude influence of endocrine pathology on weight loss process. Only this way and in a different way it is necessary to solve this serious problem in any way. A problem which cripples not only a body, but also smother... Let`s tell at once - the result pays back everything! Look at these photos: Before and after, it just TWO DIFFERENT PERSONS!! If there is a desire, then the problem is SOLVED ALWAYS!

And you as decided to live??