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Love formula. Part 1

Lyubov - one of the most complex human feelings sung by poets, artists and the most ordinary people. One consider it as divine gift, others display on chemical reactions. And it must be said, the formula of love is really removed. But in order that the organism started chain reaction under the name love the push is necessary.

There is nobody long ago is not a secret that the basis of the relations is formed by a reproduction instinct - the program of a brain which we unconditionally submit and move off in searches of the suitable partner. Thanks to the substances emitted by an organism - to the pheromones having smells, attractive to opposite sexes, men have it androsteron, women have kopulina, we find physically the most suitable and healthy partners.

But there are no doubts that the human nature is much deeper than simple animal instincts and eventually the opposite sex attracts us not only a smell and physical data defined thanks to it. Unlike the majority of mammals people first of all judge appeal on the basis of visual impression which instantly goes for the analysis to a brain. And without difficult psychological interrelations and dependences, this analysis cannot be full. Idea of beauty begins to be formed with the deep childhood under influence and influence of world around. The first we see and we hear parents who bring up us, later other people, literature, magazines join them, the television and so forth with the stereotypes and very much is imposed by the ideals.

As a result, the choice of the soulmate, besides biological instincts, is influenced by this most imposed beauty, to be exact idea of it, and also education, the relations in the early childhood with parents, the self-assessment created, eventually, and the taken place in society. In a word our rich human experience.

Among a set of possible options, substituting information on object obtained from the outside, the brain tries to define as far as it corresponds to some kind of ideal and only after that starts the love car, generating a number of chemical reactions in case of obtaining the correct answer. And all variety of emotions, their shades, tones and half tones cause neuropeptids and similar in a chemical composition to connection amphetamines. All ingenious - is simple. As a result the love - only chemistry, and a love formula in the future can turn with ease into one of preparations on the shelf in a drugstore