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How to increase intelligence and abilities?

In the previous article we had a conversation that incorrectly put educational process can play a dirty trick with us: instead of increasing our abilities to lead us to confusion or even to vital crash. And wishing to be trained, we want to increase our abilities, to solve problems, but not to find new.

Huge amounts of money are spent for education. Let`s look at the main town of the country - here everything would have to be better, the capital everything is, isn`t it? So, according to the city target program of a development of education Capital education - 5 calculated for 2009 - 2011, only in 2010 - the m is planned to spend to year 52 259 845 thousand rubles. Purpose of the program (quote): creation of conditions and innovative mechanisms of development of system of capital education as bases of formation of human potential and social updating of the region . In other words, the purpose - something to do , but to reach not of higher level of literacy of people. And this another proof of the fact that the existing decision for increase of education level, there is no level of knowledge in the existing education system, unfortunately.

Many very much hope that ensuring educational process with computers is capable to change the current situation (it is reflected also in the above-mentioned program, we often hear about it from screens of TVs). In 1999 - 2002 the agency of Educational Communications and Technologies of Great Britain (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency) studied results of use of computers and the Internet at 60 schools of England. In the report it is said that of increase of progress of pupils neither in one subject and nor for any age it was not revealed .

Illusion of existence of education is supported in us carried out at schools and on TV various intellectual games. But if to look closer, intelligence per se (that is abilities to solve vital problems) participants do not show. From them it is required to know names and events, on speed to give names and dates, to manufacture other focuses with memory. It can be the good test for check of operability of the computer, speed of work of an electronic card file, but not abilities of the Person in any way - the reasonable, conceiving being capable to draw conclusions and opening, to create new mechanisms and works of art.

A time ago in a " broadcast; Minute of fame two little boys acted. They showed flexibility and force of the ph. It is no secret that quite often carry a saying to athletes force is - mind it is not necessary . It is probable to disprove it, children showed ability which, apparently, has to speak about development of mind: they transferred to jury the thick book of verses and asked to call any page and a line in the book, and then began to quote the poem. In the hall it caused a storm of an applause. Tatyana Tolstaya who was in jury asked the fellow a question: And you - that understand what it is told here about? what the boy with a pure sincere smile upon the face instantly answered: Not - and! .

It is awfully a pity that so many forces are spent only for turning the person in the walking robot, the reference book, a data carrier (it is similar to the hard drive of the computer of large volume), but not the reasonable conceiving being capable to understand and use the obtained information. School which estimates only the speed and accuracy of reproduction, without giving understanding, - stultifies, leads to degradation, forces to believe in existence of intelligence where it is absent actually.

Here in what a secret of that strangeness that can be observed in life when the former mediocre pupils become chiefs over time over those who made success in school. The excellent student at school of whom parents are proud enters the institute, gains the diploma and cannot settle and work in the specialty. Because is not able to do to what studied . But is not able - because does not understand as. Its theory will not be coordinated with reality. But the mediocre pupil can be very well arranged in life. As in an old joke: the elderly mathematics teacher meets on the street of the pupil who it is very good it is packed and with surprise asks: Petrov, how you managed to settle so in life?! - Yes here, Mar Ivanna, I trade in cigarettes. For ruble I buy, I sell for two, for these two percent and I live .

The school which is initially intended to train young people for life, obviously is not capable to prepare young people for life. In other words - does not increase understanding that is life there, behind a window.

How do you feel if you do not understand something? Silly and helpless. And if at the same time you begin to be abused, put pressure and to force to do those things which you do not understand how it is not necessary to do them and at the same time can explain to you why as to do them. You force to study well, without explaining - as?

Ask any adult, even having a long standing of teaching activity. Be engaged more diligently be more attentive have well a rest - here those recipes which exist many centuries, but which did not lead to progress in education. These recommendations do not give the answer to a question as to us all - to understand that it is written to instructions to the device and to learn to use this equipment. So there is a loss of self-confidence which fading of intelligence and loss of abilities follows. I do not want even to think (intelligence) and to try (ability)! At me all the same nothing will turn out (the self-assessment falls). And over time in life more and more such beliefs collect.

Those who gave up and believed that the real solution in the field of education does not exist and cannot appear, often wait for some cunning tricks or develop the smart techniques allowing to train the person to solve problems of a certain look or to carry out functions of a certain type: to remember long formulas, to dexterously throw a bicycle chain that it was possible to go, or to count percent on the credit. Or to extract coal in mine. But if miner`s work does not become necessary to the country (work dangerous, let is better than it do mechanisms and robots), the one who is not able to study receives a huge problem. It is necessary to be retrained, seize other specialty not to become the unemployed. And learned never to study nobody.

However, despite the seeming situation hopelessness, the solution was found and can be used for correction and changes to the best. This decision is called technology of training . This technology is used by the centers of Applied Education worldwide. It allows to increase abilities, to restore literacy and to lift intelligence quotient. And teachers of old school when learn and test technology of training, do not hurry to come back to old methods any more. Why to speak to the pupil not making special sense be engaged more diligently if it is possible to take absolutely concrete steps and the understanding succeeds dullness and inability ? To pass the biennial program of high school in one year - the frequent phenomenon in schools of Applied Education. The course of geometry can take only 20 hours.

The technology of training can be used in business. When you try to obtain understanding buyers of properties and qualities of your product, you receive interest and attention , people begin to understand a difference between a good and bad product or service. It seems, our ancestors knew it. In the old book Course of female needlework there are such lines: To the Woman, in whatever situation she was put, the knowledge of sewing is always useful. If it is rich, and it does not have need to be engaged in sewing, being able it is good to sew itself, it can distinguish bad work from good . In a case with household appliances, for example, it is important to understand that what technical characteristic designates - to understand what model to buy what will serve longer, sense of that low price which is specified on the price tag. The good education (if it is valid education, but not a set of the facts) pays off.

The technology of training has two parties of application: teacher`s and student`s. They correspond to those tasks which face each of the parties: the teacher has to explain qualitatively material, and the pupil - to be able to apprehend, allocate the main thing and to eliminate false data (if meets them), to really understand material which studies also to be capable to work . If it all this cannot - whether it is possible to tell that it is trained? The question is rhetorical. Of course, no.

The technology of training as well as possible meets the modern requirements in the sense that everyone is trained independently. The instructor who is present at audience only directs and helps to study material qualitatively and quickly. The most known and important part of all technology of training concerns finding of words which you (when you are trained) do not understand or the one who is trained. And the main thing - clearings of values of these words. This what each person has to own. When you do not understand at least one word, you will not be able to understand and act.

The Difference between the bright student, that is it which studies very much very quickly, and the stupid student, that is it which studies very much, very slowly, is only a difference between the conscientious and unfair student. - L. Ron Hubbard wrote. In the technology of training developed by it described in such basic books as Learn to study and Guide to training bases (from where this quote is taken), despite their small volume, the reasons and ways to cope with a huge number of the most different problems which are available in the field of training and education are described.

Everyone can acquire this technology, to become more capable, and also to help to become more capable that who surrounds it. And depends on it as far as you will be able will cope with the difficulties arising on your course of life. Depends on it as far as the person feels unfortunate or happy.

Learn to study. Overcome any problems which you face, studying at others or finding own solutions and sharing them with other people, passing on the experience. Also be happy!

Elena Babicheva,

employee of Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization

Applied Formation of the CIS