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What things of a season the most Unfashionable?

did not bother to read to you about so-called must yet - have - the most actual things of fall - winters 2006/07? For a change we publish the list of what it is worth getting rid ruthlessly in this season of.

All know that before getting new clothes, it is worth carrying out audit old: to clean the shoes which lost relevance far away, to captiously examine a handbag regarding stylishness, and without hesitation to throw out unnecessary cosmetics. And sometimes also more global changes in image are required.

We will begin with the fact that gradually lose popularity of a thing in style 60 - x. Dizzily short skirts with transparent tights can be considered as a terrible combination today, but ultra - pass perfectly will look with leggings in style 90 - x and flats. It is possible to argue long whether women of fashion on 90 - m managed to miss, but it is simpler to take and try on a painfully familiar dress to solve, whether you like it or not.

Together with fashion for an era Beatles and Tviggi leaves also fashion on similar dystrophic leanness. Stars like J Lo and Beyonce returned womanly forms on a popularity crest. Doctors, seemingly, are madly glad to it - they go on not the first year about anorexia and general aspiration to grow thin as about plague of the 21st century.

Further about footwear. The long sharp-nosed cape became hopelessly outdated, whether it be shoes, boots or boots. It was too long popular, despite all the inconvenience. Designers suggested us to pass the last few years to the round cape or at least short pointed, but in this season unostentatious councils turned into the persistent recommendation. So, the long sharp cape - it is final down with! But we try on footwear with an accurate triangular nose and on a platform.

As for a make-up in spite of the fact that it is coarse - bright spirit 80 - x by all means has to be present at it, it is worth throwing far away the liner for lips. You know how the dark contour in combination with lighter pink gloss - exactly - in - exactly Pamela Anderson in unsuccessful day looks. Transparent gloss without contour is far more nice, makeup artists of fashionable displays consider. On the other hand, too natural make-up looks somehow absolutely sadly: beige and brown shadows, for example, not in honor. Instead of them stylists use bronze, golden, silvery, and some recommend not to avoid shadows of all flowers of a rainbow.

About style of the vamp: red lips, animal coloring clothes... Agree, looks horribly in the afternoon. As it seems to us, to leopards it is time on deserved rest. This image is worn already rather out, and it is not really clear to operate aspiration of many fashionable brands it from a collection in a collection. baby - look is far lovelier: lace, small peas, a skirt in a cage Vichy tiny figures on nebesno - blue shoes, kukolno - pink brilliant sponges.

And almost baroque luxury of clothes on podiums? It tired a little. Are very good therefore to the oseena - the winter collections Prada, Dior, Lanvin - such reserved, laconic.

Now we will talk about blondes and about hair in general. Colored - the recoloured blonde with the long increased hair and acrylic nails, with the bag covered with logos of the known brand became already some generalized character which fairly all cloyed. Not without reason many celebrities refuse artificial locks and other artificial details. A striking example - Victoria Beckham who refused the increased hair and pleasing admirers with an unusual short hairstyle. On the Internet terrible baizes about that from where stylists take locks for building go: hair, quite perhaps, belonged some concluded or... deceased. No, it is better not to continue. Generally, road of naturalness!

It is considered to be that now in the world of fashion total absence of any dictatorship is observed. This is true. But there are things, accessories, images, styles for which it is obviously time on rest. Let`s send them with a clear conscience there! To think up something absolutely new and. Or at least to remember well forgotten old.