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Lilac bouquet - all the year round. What can be finer than your feelings?

the Blossoming lilac is inimitable: large fragrant clusters cover all krone of a plant and still from a distance attract all eyes. Probably, there is no person who would not know and did not love a lilac - this symbol of spring and the wakened nature.

Will seem strange, but it was not relative lilacs on the European continent recently at all, and here had no idea of it. But how it happened what the lilac won general love and extended everywhere? Of course, the key to success - in its remarkable decorative properties and exclusive unpretentiousness. But we will tell about it slightly below, and for a start - it is a little history.

A sort a lilac from Asia Minor and Persia from where it got to Europe only in the 16th century. In the beginning it decorated gardens of crowned persons, but literally in 40 years appeared in gardens and parks of all Europe. Did bouquets for decoration of rooms of a lilac, gave it each other, connected various signs with it. For example, one of them promises happiness to the one who will find in a bouquet a flower not from 4 - x, and from 5, 6 or more petals. In old England, on the contrary, was considered that the lilac and personal happiness are incompatible: to send to the asking in marriage groom a branch of a lilac meant to refuse a marriage.

The legends connected with a lilac exist since Ancient Greece. One of them tells the following. God Pang differed in repellent appearance: had goat legs, horns and a long beard. Even own mother was horrified when she for the first time saw the child. Pang lived in the wood, grazed herds, played for nymphs on a pipe. But once he saw the most beautiful nymph Sirina and at once fell in love with her. He ran behind it to tell about the love, but the nymph was frightened of him and decided to escape. Having reached the river bank, she understood that it has no place to disappear and turned into reed. Pang, having seen it, it was very grieved, and then made a pipe of reed and called it in honor of the fugitive siringy. And already the bush known to us as its flowers reminded tubules of which Pang`s pipe consisted received the name from this name.

The lilac contains about 30 types and more than 1500 grades. The lilac ordinary - a bush 4 - 6 meter heights is most widespread in culture. But as a result of selection work unique grades with terry and semi-terry flowers of white, blue, violet, lilac coloring which reach of 3,5 cm were removed and have length of a flower cluster to 25 cm! Are removed also pass - grades with a small size of a bush (to 3 - x l) that is convenient for cultivation in small gardens. There was even a lilac with the trimmed leaves and flowers, and also grades with darkly - velvet greens of leaves.

The lilac in May, almost along with tulips and narcissuses blossoms. Blossoming is plentiful, but rather short - from 10 to 20 days. However at competent selection of grades with various terms of blossoming it is possible to prolong the general blossoming of a lilac garden about two months.

This so unforgettable show that there will last impressions for the whole year.

The lilac perfectly looks both groups, and single bushes, can play a role of a green hedge near the house. Remarkable decoration of a landscape are its standard forms. To get the high-quality lilac imparted in nursery it is possible to address in Internet - flowers shop and to order service - delivery of saplings.

And now - several general recommendations about care of a plant. The lilac is photophilous. It can grow also in a penumbra, but its blossoming will not be so plentiful, and the bush will have the rarefied krone. However svezheposazhenny layers and shanks it is necessary pritenyat from the scorching beams.

To soil conditions the lilac is undemanding, but grows on the izvestkovanny, well trained and nutritious soils better. The proximity of ground waters and high acidity of the soil for it are contraindicated. Well the lilac on top dressing by compost and mulchirovany soils responds. During the droughty periods additional watering is necessary for it. The root young growth near a bush needs to be cut out in process of its emergence. Deflowered inflorescences and weak branches are also in due time cut off - it promotes the strengthened blossoming next year. The lilac is tolerant to an air gas contamination, is rather frost-resistant. As you can see, care of it is not difficult and available even to the beginning gardener.

A lilac - the grateful plant, and your work on its landing and contents will repeatedly pay off: it will bring pleasures to you more than enough.

And last moment: if suddenly you have in the winter a desire to please itself or relatives with a lilac bouquet, you can issue a flowers order on the house, and the fragrant lilac from the exotic countries will appear on your table even in day of a hard frost and snowfall.

Pleasant communication with the nature to you is wished by the Florist company. ru - delivery of bouquets across Russia and the whole world.