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As well as why to remain polite during invasion of the zombie?

to Hold a door for the lady, to rise when you greet seniors, to give small gifts to the hostess of the house, being invited to a friendly party All this characteristic features of the person with good manners. The most part of these noble gestures, in this or that look, comes from traditions of the Victorian England.

Term knights in the basis it is urged to describe ideal qualities of the medieval gentleman - courage, bravery, devotion, honor and aspiration always to come to the rescue at a difficult moment. The knightly code in itself is concept very disputable and abstract, however the separate rules concerning concrete gestures, manners and acts, as a rule, remain in an invariable look not one century.

Key concept of this term is the desire to facilitate life to people around. Initially laws of knights were intended in order that knights, a class of soldiers, did not create excess in relation to less successful and less protected (in literal and figurative meanings) parts of the medieval population. Subsequently the tough set of rules, as a rule, changed depending on an era. Noble manners not always give unambiguous pleasure, especially if constantly to present them under packing of a favor or concession. Nevertheless many, despite ability to open a door independently, are always glad when this function is carried out by familiar fellow travelers, special workers or the unfamiliar gallant gentleman.

All this is remarkable until there comes the Apocalypse and the world will not flood the zombie.

However existence of legions of the dead persons wandering on dark streets of the empty cities and devouring survived is yet not an occasion to throw out good manners in a window. Politeness is inherent in all times, and invasion of the zombie to that not a hindrance. Rules are universal, it is only necessary to understand how to apply them in each concrete situation. The traditional rule - we will highlight in bold type, the recommendation for our case - we will not select.

1. Always switch off the cell phone where your private public conversations will disturb other people - in transport, at cinema or at meeting of ZhEK. the Science finds it difficult to provide exact proofs so far, but, seemingly, that at the zombie the hearing aid is very developed. They for some reason it is always aware that you call the mummy to greet or in tears to say goodbye. If decided to chat with relatives, switch off a sound of keys and be laconic. SMS - the " type is possible; I Love. I kiss. So far - it is not the best sample of the romantic message, but if you want to keep the worthless life, then and so will descend.

2. Hold a door for passing for you, it is not important who it is a man or the woman. the Main thing to be convinced that after you the next former representative of human race, the person interested to regale on your loin does not squeeze into a door. So, holding a door, be ready to close densely it on a bolt, to hammer with boards and to hold the fort.

3. Being invited on a visit, present to the hostess of the house a small gift, it is desirable not strongly burdensome (fleet puppies is not necessary). Invasion of dead persons dictates the rules so the explosive grenade, the two-handled axe or couple of bottles of cocktail of Molotov can become a good gift. As they say, in economy all is useful. If the choice of material gifts is limited, then, at least, you can offer own services. Construction of barricades or strengthening of fortifications - a difficult task so your horsepower will be not superfluous anyway.

4. Walking or coming downstairs, try to keep to the right. Not that this rule to something really obliges you, but remember, walking dead persons move somehow and, often, on the shortest trajectory. So if you do not want that your ways - paths were crossed in a bottleneck, be careful.

5. You speak thanks and please - to taxi drivers, door-keepers, stewardesses. Your politeness will pay off a hundredfold. Yes, times now vague, but it is not an occasion to be rude to the right and on the left. Each living person met by you is your potential ally therefore as much as possible people need to try to win round.

6. At a party or meeting of friends be sociable. Guests / owners, but not binge with snack have to become a subject of your close attention. it is valid, it would be closer quite good to recognize the colleagues by a survival. It is vital to understand which of your satellites was the champion of institute on archery who was a leader in school pentathlon and to whom to assemble the radio receiver from garbage - as two fingers about asphalt. Also pay attention to that whose flesh is most attractive externally and it can be gentle on taste. So, just in case.

7. Holding a briefcase, a glass or the folder with documents in the left hand, right leave free for handshakes. Or for powerful blow in a jaw. The situation will prompt, what is more pertinent.

8. Do not forget to thank for the favors made to you, gifts or successful parties. It can be made personally or to send a card by mail. it is possible, it is already obvious search. However, if someone decides to rescue you at the cost of the life, having rushed to crowd of the zombie as the distracting maneuver, a farewell warm look and silent thanks should not complicate strongly you.

9. Smile to people around - it will facilitate any difficult situation. Yes, yes, smile - it irritates all. Also you remember if not zombies smiled to you in reply, so before you definitely, relax and lower a gun.

10. Be susceptible - adequately estimate events around and you do not judge in a hurry. Invasion of the zombie is not that case when you would like to remain alone with yourself. To survive and build up wellbeing anew, assistants will be necessary for you. So start acquaintances here and now. And, oh, damn, be polite!