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How to the woman to learn to derive pleasure from sex?

It is no secret that not each woman derives pleasure from sex. If the man is programmed by the nature on receiving satisfaction, then women so easily do not manage it. What to do? To wait until the partner understands how to give you pleasure, or to rely on the nature? Of course, it is necessary to work most!

In - the first , it is necessary most to want this pleasure, and that some women consider that there is nothing terrible in lack of an orgasm, to them and it is so good. Allow to assure you - refusing pleasure of sex, you lose a lot of things in life. You will not refuse to enjoy a new dessert from - for the fact that it is not obligatory, as before you not bad lived?

In - the second , it is necessary to get rid of fear. Sometimes the woman is afraid that she, despite all efforts, all the same will not be pleasant to her, all work - to nothing. Anything similar. If to try, everything surely will turn out. Only it is not necessary to go in cycles.

In - the third , it is not necessary to establish terms and to wait that exactly today it has to be good. It is necessary just to relax and derive pleasure from the process.

In - the fourth , it is necessary to work over itself. There is nothing shameful in masturbation. Choose time when nobody disturbs you, relax, you can turn on the quiet music and begin to investigate the body. You have to find all the erogenous zones. As you know, there is a lot of them - a neck, a breast, hips, some women excites even touches to stupnyam. Dream, study all the body. Define what places at you are most sensitive. Think of something pleasant, present yourself on a nature bosom with the partner.

You pass to more courageous actions further. The most sensitive body at the woman - a clitoris. Touch this point differently - stroke, slightly press, more slowly, quicker... The it is better for a vyuznayeta how to give themselves pleasure, the it will be simpler to explain you it the man. Perhaps, some time will be required, you do not hurry, main - do not give up this occupation.

In - the fifth, you have to bring all collected information to the partner. Women often hesitate to speak about sex with the soulmate, but differently as the man learns that he is pleasant to you and that he is not present? Do not wait for an instant orgasm, enjoy process. In general, disconnect the head, forget about work, repair and purchases.

Besides, practice sex in various places. Perhaps, in the elevator, outdoors or you are quicker excited in the car, than houses. Perhaps, you lack sharpness of feelings!

And still, dear women, stop thinking that you - are ugly. The widespread mistake of women - during sex to remember that you have a cellulitis, a small breast, big hips. For a long time it is proved that the man estimates the woman in general, but not in parts, and during sex - especially, to it will not even come to mind to consider your cellulitis.

It is necessary to enjoy life to the full that it gives, without refusing her pleasures, - you will have enough cares and so. The main thing, do not forget that it is necessary to try a little bit for himself favourite.