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Bags under eyes. Why they appear and how to get rid of them?

Often after a cheerful party we wake up and with horror we look at ourselves in a mirror - dark circles under eyes and hypostases on a floor - persons foully give fatigue traces. And happens that they appear also without the visible reasons. Both men, and women are familiar with this problem. Why it arises?

The matter is that skin around eyes very thin - is about 3 - 4 times thinner, than on other parts of the body. From insufficient blood supply and an insufficient saturation oxygen blood stands in capillaries under eyes and begins to appear through. If skin is insufficiently well moistened, it becomes even more transparent and circles look sunk down.

There is a lot of reasons of formation of dark circles and hypostases: it can be connected with heredity, feature of a structure of hypodermic fatty cellulose, diseases of internals, endocrine diseases. However the most widespread is a chronic fatigue, stresses and a lack of a dream. And still hypostases and dark circles can develop after the use for the night big amount of coffee, tea or alcohol. All these factors result in stagnation in blood and lymphatic vessels, we also see result of it in the mornings. to Erase

from a face...

Agree, the swelled darkened eyelids - not the best beginning of day. And if it occurs even more often, it is necessary to work urgently, but in the beginning - to visit the therapist to establish the reason for which these dark circles appear on a face. Perhaps, this cosmetic shortcoming serves as a signal of a disease which in itself demands treatment.

In the preventive purposes it is necessary to take care of that skin around eyes was enough supplied with oxygen. For this purpose, first of all, good rest and a healthy sleep, moderate consumption of liquid and alcohol, healthy nutrition are necessary.

To reduce already appeared bags and dark circles under eyes it is possible to use one of the next ways.

Ice freshness

This simplest folk remedy. By means of cubes of ice massage of a problem zone within 3 - 4 minutes becomes. For achievement of the best result it is possible to use for ice preparation broth of herbs instead of usual water.

Vegetables in the help are often used a century by

For removal of hypostases and restoration of elasticity of skin masks from potatoes, a cucumber, fresh greens. For this purpose ingredients need to be grated or crushed in the blender, to wrap mix in a gauze and to put on the swelled up a little eyelids for 15 - 20 minutes.

Creams Today practically each producer of cosmetics offers

a number of means on care of skin around eyes. Some creams combine antiedematous action and the masking effect. However creamy means have one minus - they are capable to carry no more than 20% of active agents as at contact with air those are oxidized and collapse to deep layers of skin.

And again about tea by

For removal of hypostases also use the cooled bags of green tea as it contains anti-inflammatory components.

Unfortunately, all these ways have also the shortcomings: at people with sensitive skin allergic reactions to herbs and products, to components of creams are possible. Where exit?

Transdermalny plasters

But life does not stand still, the science goes forward, and today it is possible to distinguish the transdermalny plasters of EXTRAPLAST Beauty representing a nonwoven basis on which the special cooling gel containing active elements (the extracts of green tea and a ginseng possessing antiedematous action) is applied from cosmetic novelties. Also promotes elimination of hypostases and dark circles easy cooling effect of a plaster which stimulates blood circulation.

The main difference of these plasters from traditional cosmetics in what the nonwoven basis creates greenhouse effect which protects active components of a plaster from destruction and provides their penetration into skin more than for 80%.

Plasters of EXTRAPLAST Beauty can be used as for the emergency restoration of skin (for example if you badly slept at night), and in the preventive purposes in quality of a nutritious mask for skin around eyes.