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What to write in the mailing about?

Before speaking about with what it is possible to fill mailing, let`s remember what is mailing in itself.

Mailing - very convenient thing. This usual letter which is sent by the author to your mailbox. In it he writes something interesting, entertaining for the sake of what, actually, you also subscribed to newsletter. Here such peculiar newspaper on e - mail. Just the same release is received not only by you, but also all other subscribers. It consists of all readers circulation . The more the audience, the is more expensive advertizing, the website is more popular, the author, etc. is more known of

of Mailing happen paid and free. The last - absolute majority. Probably, thanks to the status free this service is so popular. It is very convenient to obtain valuable information directly in a mailbox. For the organization of mailings it is possible to use the equipment (the special software, wide channel and t. ) and it is possible to use free services.

About what to write?

Yes, actually, about anything. If only it was interesting to readers. It is accepted to subdivide mailings on information and news of the website. Those mailings where " get to the first category; at the center articles, responses, sketches, jokes (and also nonsense, marasmus, idiocies and other), by the word everything that belongs to website content are put.

News of the website are urged to notify subscribers on important events - updating of the website, some announcement, say, of everything that belongs to the website. If the person subscribed to this newsletter, then he has to be aware of all events on your website. It is a problem of this kind of mailing.

All aforesaid does not disprove existence mixed mailings where in one column news of the website or a forum are briefly described, and analytical materials follow further.

And still I think that news have to, all - to be present at releases. And to the author it is good - there is an additional opportunity to receive the visitor on delicious news, and the subscriber not at a loss - he is aware of the latest events and already knows whether it is worth spending the time for visit of the website of V. Pupkin, or that, as usual, deceived about weekly " updates;.

The publication at the end of mailing of headings of the last subjects from a forum will be the good course. As practice shows, it is often attractive to the reader.

It is possible to publish some world news further. Here it is necessary to stick to strictly a mailing subject and if you decided to devote it to alternative currents in music, then you should not write about an unprecedented heat in France (if only as a result of it in Nice the musician of the known group did not fry).

If your mailing information, then it is quite good to publish article in each release. It is desirable problem. It would be quite good also interesting. Some websites duplicate in mailing interesting articles from the website; others - publish unique materials. In this question everything depends on two things: in - the first, from your efficiency as author, in - the second, from the fact that you first of all advance - the website or mailing. If priorities are given to the website, then novelties can be published at first on the website, and later, in several days, in mailing. In this situation try in every way to press on the fact that information is published on the website, and in mailing appears for lazy and with delay. At requests of workers, so to speak.

And if to you mailing, then " is more important; svezhak it is worth publishing exactly here. Let the subscriber know that hot news he learns the first.

By the way, mailing - the ideal place for unmeasured material. I mean everything that it seems as is interesting (it is a pity to throw out), but at the same time on the article does not pull .

How many to write?

Usually, the maximum amount of mailing is strictly limited to service of mailings. However, the size of the letter can be rather big, but you should not be fond: most of people do not like to receive long letters, especially, if they are killed with any nonsense. From here a conclusion - it is not necessary to push in release any nonsense only to gain volume - in release only the most important and interesting. But on business, will be longer next time than nothing that is short.

How often to write?

First of all it is defined by that, how fast you you get new material. It is possible to let out though several times a day, but on it it is necessary a great lot of forces and time. For usual mailing frequency of times a week is considered normal. Such rhythm demands a moderate investment of forces and does not tire the reader. If it is not enough material, then it is necessary to release mailing of times in two weeks or three times a month. But a rare exit of releases is fraught that the reader can forget you. That is, if mailing comes out more rare than two times a month, then interest in it sharply falls.

The conclusion the basic principles of an exit of mailings Here are that

. Adhering to them, it is possible to untwist not bad mailing, and at the same time and the website. But it is already other history...