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How easily to get on a " award ceremony; OSCAR ?

for this purpose at all are optional to fly to California and to ask in Los - Andzheles an excess ticket. It is possible to see world-class stars and to stand near a red carpet also otherwise.

And costs of a trip will be the most minimum. How to make it? We tell:

On February 26, 2011 in the working settlement of Sokolskoye of the Nizhny Novgorod Region the event which already drew attention of numerous mass media - a " award will take place; Carpenter`s OSCAR .

The OSCAR is deciphered as the Branch Quality standard of the Cabin. Earlier all carpenters cut houses and baths, anyhow. And will cut according to the standard now. At least, members of Association of houses of the Norwegian cabin dream of it. Several companies participate in Association of this: from Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg and Krasnoyarsk. The quality standard is necessary, in their opinion, to clean a mess branch of production of wooden log houses. Something like the Soviet Quality mark.

And here following in the winter the Organizing committee of a competition consisting of the biggest today specialists in design and construction of wooden houses will choose owners of a prestigious award in the field of wooden architecture - Carpenter`s OSCAR .

On the green path outspread on the river bank Volga will go (we hope that in dress coats) the best carpenters of the country. Whether will play the Anthem of Carpenters at this time - it is unknown. Organizers of the project still modestly hold back it. As well as about whether information on arrival to Sokolskoye as the guest of honor famous American actor Richard Gere is right. Rumors about it already filtered into minds sokolchan and the Nizhny Novgorod mass media.

However, despite all pomposity of an event, it is necessary to consider that the award will take place within the second " festival; Carpenter`s Entertainments traditionally passing on a production site of the " company; Taiga . And the name of a festival speaks about some lightness of action. Entertainments - they and in Africa entertainments. What to tell about the Nizhny Novgorod remote place here.

So still will be in Sokolskom?

And will be:

Duel on axes. The famous Norwegian instructor George Fyuller is eager for a revenge. Participants of the first festival which took place in Sokolskom in August, 2009 remember how the young Russian carpenter Nikolay Maltsev won against the teacher. This show drew attention both specialists in carpenter`s skill, and numerous gapers. Even " magazine; Spark then the big photoreport, and the Nizhny Novgorod newspaper " made; " Exchange; called Sokolskoye by the capital of carpenters. And now Fyuller is again torn to Russia. Let`s look whether the Russian winter will help it.

International competitions in a throwing of birch churbak. Well-known Prague company Monivet looks for rivals. The director of firm of Ott Dolezhal is sure that the Czech builders will surely win. On a game there will be the whole keg of fine Czech beer. And Czechs lost the beer to nobody yet!

The Norwegian towns - it in Russia was not seen yet.

Races on snowmobiles across Volga.

Demonstration performances of veterans of special troops ( Maroon beret ) . A splitting of firewood without axe and other sound effects.

All day on a scene - the best accordion players of the country under command of the honored artist of Russia Valery Okhapkin. Sokolskoye and an accordion - are inseparable!

High-speed sawing up of firewood. Everyone participates. As prizes - the firewood prepared in the course of competitions.

Demonstration performances of the leading world firms - producers of tools, paints, furniture. Everything that is connected with wooden housing construction.

The master - classes on the Russian, Norwegian and Canadian cabin. They will be carried out in the new training center of the International school of carpenters Taiga .

Driving on the Russian three, the biggest wooden spoon in the world, baskets, souvenirs, hot tea from a samovar and sokolskiya sbiten - all this is promised by organizers of a festival.

Unfortunately, the conceived earlier piggy races will not take place. The federation of sports pig-breeding at the time of holding a festival planned selection competitions for the World Cup in South America. But, we think, and without piggy squeal in Sokolskom it will be very interesting.

Come, you will not regret!

Organizers of a festival and " award; Carpenter`s OSCAR :

" group of companies; Taiga

Public organization of veterans of special troops Maroon beret

" Video magazine; System! NNTV

Is information - " advertizing agency; The Exchange - Plus .

Details on the website.

can Look at the presentation in the original here.

can Issue the application for participation here.

Chairman of the organizing committee:

Mikhail Trishin

8 - 910 - 387 - 19 - 22

of mtrishin@gmail. com


Anna Zotikova

8 - 962 - 505 - 87 - 67

of taiga - nn@yandex. ru

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