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How to put a terry hibiscus of

the Terry hibiscus is part of tropical family of hibiscuses. It has 5 petals in the basis, just as simple flowers of a hibiscus. But some more petals which develop from the flower basis have the terry forms. A hibiscus - a tropical plant, it is possible to grow up it generally in zones 9 and 10, and the earth around a plant has to be warm and in a cold season.

A step 1

Choose a pot for landing of your hibiscus. 25 - The 35th centimetric container will well be suitable for your blossoming plant. If you plan to place it in the open air, then pallets with castors will be suitable for convenience of navigation when time comes to move it in the room. The hibiscus does not love when the soil is below filled in with water therefore be convinced that the container has a good drainage.

A step 2

Purchase of the qualitative soil for your hibiscus. They prefer sourer soils therefore buy the soil which is intended for tropical plants, such as cactuses and palm trees. There are networks of retail trade, specializing in soils for hibiscuses, but the sour soils intended for tropical plants which can be found in usual shop also well will be suitable for your hibiscus.

A step 3

Fill a layer of earth 15 - 20 cm high on a pot bottom. Take out your hibiscus from a pot in which it was on sale, for this purpose you remember a pot a little to crush an earth lump inside and to release roots. Place a plant in a pot so that the top part of the soil was below a pot rim on 2 cm. Fill cracks with the soil on each side.

A step 4

to Add a thin layer of an organic mulch around a hibiscus trunk to help it to keep moisture. Well water a plant.

A step 5

Place a hibiscus in the solar place which will be protected from wind. Water it daily if the plant is outside the room in the summer, and less often if the plant is in the room. Be just convinced that the plant does not sit in the pool with water.

A step 6

Bring your pots with hibiscuses in the room to the first frosts. Do not forget to remove from a plant the become lifeless branches and leaves before. Also cut hibiscus branches to 10 or 12 cm from the main stalk. After cutting and so far your plant on the street, wash a plant from a hose, carefully remove all insects and let`s it dry.