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Whether it is worth agreeing in everything with the administration?

In collective of the relationship with the management can be built up differently. Everyone decides owing to the character, a step and intelligence - how to build communication with the administration. Someone in hope to get support and to receive certain benefits, seeks for friendship, in everything agreeing with the management, someone, on the contrary, prefers to criticize frankly its incorrect actions, to get with it into dispute, to offer the best ideas, rejecting offers of the administration.

What position to choose? Whether It is necessary to tell constantly everything that you think of the management? by

At the answer to the matter remembers the gold phrase It is necessary to be on friendly terms With the management! . Perhaps, this only right decision if you decided to be late in the company for a long time. Under the word friendship in this case it is meant that you should not criticize at all ideas of the management, to gossip about its mistakes, misses, and to learn to establish productive communication. Remember that all can be mistaken, but time of people became the chief, so something good in it is: experience, knowledge, leadership skills, ability to make decisions, and it should learn. Learn to see in the management good (in each person there is something good?!) . We understand discussion of controversial issues, your offers, finding of consensus as productive communication in everything. If, for example, something is not pleasant to you in strategy of your management, it is worth agreeing about personal meeting and to discuss with it that it is not pleasant to you, giving the objective reasons and offering alternatives, but not just on public to criticize the chief for these or those actions.

Why you should not say constantly that you think of the management?

Should not choose a position of the opponent in the relations with the management at least for the reason that:

wins the Management, as a rule, the experience, knowledge, ability to make decisions, to take the responsibility.

the Administration does not like to look silly in the opinion of other subordinates. It will not forgive for anything to you if you expose it in unattractive light.

the revelation you will wait only for the fact that you will be the last to whom the management will suggest to head the interesting project who will be promoted who will be given help in a difficult situation. The overestimated requirements, most likely, will be imposed to you, at not performance of which every time will humiliate you in a varying degree.

you can be made object of sneers. The management of the behavior in relation to you can incite other subordinates, weaker, - against you.

More favorable the " position seems; I always agree with the management but also in it there are negative moments:

the management can have an opinion that if you with it it is constant and in everything agree, means you just have no own opinion, or perhaps you the silly person at all?

the Clever chief will always get to the core of falseness of the attitude towards himself, and will keep you at arm`s length and even to avoid you.

U it suspicions can arise: if you cannot object in this or that form to it, most likely, you gossip behind his back. And the administration never treated gossips kindly.

to you will be heavy to agree in everything with the management, to praise his ideas when they to you seem absurd. You will feel a certain internal discomfort from the impersonality.

Choose golden mean!