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Whether you know history of emergence of a greeting card?

the Chronicle of emergence of the first greeting card originate in past and is followed by huge number of legends and fairy tales. It is sometimes heavy to define where in them byl and where deception, but many claim that the business card with wishes which in China was sent absent at the moment of some holiday was the first modern card. In Celestial Empire though used a certain system of symbols. Thus, the bat meant happiness wish, a deer face - a prize at work, the small fish was a symbol of profit and prosperity, and the drakonchik traditionally promised to the recipient of a congratulation chic.

In Europe the first written postcard was sent to the duke Orleansky to St. Valentine`s Day. It is stored in the British museum in London, and dated the 15th century.

the First Christmas cards were let out in 1795, they were made on drawings of the artist Dobson. Even there are immensely popular images with drawings of a festive fir-tree and snow now. the Russian merchants with pleasure bought by

color pictures and applied later on them congratulatory inscriptions in Russian. There were cases, it carried out also advertizing function, that is it was put to some expensive and refined goods, reminding of his creator.

did not concede Pre-revolutionary cards in Russia foreign, often surpassed them. For creation of a postcard the most unexpected materials for this purpose of times were used: the dried gifts of flora, bird`s feathers, pearls, silk, velveteen. Frequent guest on a congratulation there was a snowball that was produced from boric acid, and it looked absolutely present . From - for high price only the rich could allow such gifts to themselves.

After revolution of a card counted as the privilege of the bourgeois, and it almost disappeared from counters, but New Year`s congratulations returned to a season of the Great Patriotic War as they helped to protect spirit of fighters in that severe time.

the Collection of cards nowadays surprises with the variety: serious and cheerful, official and warm, musical, playful, flavored - everything that heart will want and on what enough imagination. As a rule originally all pictures were drawn - landscapes and geographical places, famous politicians and famous actors. Now the drawn postcards are similarly demanded. On classical we see habitual plots: winter look, Christmas fir-tree, cathedral. Children and teenagers constantly select the animation images: Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, animated heroes or characters from comics. photos began to Put

on use rather recently. For the present day, say, cards with Liza Jane`s reproductions are popular. It outstanding children`s pictorialist. In its works children as if get to the mythical world.

Nowadays post photograph is tied not only only on a plot, the picture - video graphics, image or picture, - during its creation many aspects are considered: matter, listing, accessories, paper production, etc.

In modern Russia into place to traditional cards came original ways of a congratulation. To people who like to amaze development - mobile draw, voice cards, &ndash comes to help now; cheerful congratulations will help you to fool the friend or to send calls draws to the colleague to any legal holiday.