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How to improve life for 5 simple steps?

U you there was such feeling that in some area of your life it is necessary to improve or change something immediately?

For example to change tenor of life to feel more successful and significant, or to change a job to realize the creative potential, or to organize the day so that there was time for itself and own development.

At the same time even if it is absolutely obvious to us that these changes are positive, then all the same it is not clear, how exactly they can be introduced - quickly and without serious consequences. What to begin with? Whom to ask for the help? How successfully to pass all way to the end?

There is a set of theories about that, as it is correct to introduce changes . The scheme offered in this article reflects 5 important steps which there passes a person making the decision that it is time to change something in life .

Step 1. Create internal feeling of an urgent need

In order that change happened, it is necessary that the person really wanted it. Strengthen feeling of an urgent need of this change, so that you wanted to start actions for its introduction immediately.

Simple mental transfer it is plus and minuses here will not help as it only logical justification of your decision. And we need strong emotions!

As it can be made:

to Find out potential negative consequences in case nothing changes

to Investigate all positive opportunities which before you will open in case of introduction of changes

to Carry out written dialogue with summing up the result of what you can lose and to what troubles of you subject, avoiding changes

to Get support from other sources - friends, experts, useful articles or trainings which will help you to make a final decision and to move off dead center

the Step 2. Create internal support group

In the decision to work rely on the successful experience from the past - such experience will always be in life of each person - if you lived till today, the majority of your vital strategy means work successfully. Now it is just necessary to find them and to apply in a new situation.

As it can be made:

to Make the list of what at you turns out well and where you feel like a duck to water

to Reconsider the useful qualities and to hold them it is constant in the field of the attention

to Find and apply useful information or practical exercises on building of internal resources of the personality

the Step 3. Create an image of the New Life

When you only begin to reflect on changes, probably the set of remarkable ideas and plans which would be exciting to be realized comes to your mind. Unite all these images in one attractive picture of the future state and scroll in mental " movie theater; several times, so that this commercial to new life to you it was available at any time. The clear and attractive picture of the future loads with emotions which are just fuel for any advance.

As it can be made:

First of all, define what is the most attractive to you in new life of which you dream. Write down it in the form of the short summary - two - three

offers Present mentally this result

Regularly reflect on the intention and mentally scroll the cinema experiencing positive emotions

the Step 4: Quickly react to the arising obstacles

to realize your action plan, you need to react to the arising obstacles in time, that is to correct the actions according to results which you receive.

Whether there was something in you or in your environment, resisting changes? Define what causes difficulties.

What you can undertake:

Understand as far as the solution of this task depends on you

Restore internal emotional balance and confidence in realization conceived

Accept one of the following decisions: to correct the action plan and to bypass an obstacle, to overcome an obstacle independently or to attract to the help of the competent expert

the Step 5. Fix the reached change in the personality

Setting before themselves the purposes and reaching them, we grow and we develop as persons. Allow a little time for estimating those positive changes in themselves and in the perception of world around which happened to you during a way to the purpose.

Pay attention to how new positive changes are reflected in all levels of your life - your environment, behavior, new skills, qualities of character new rules about life and vital values.

What it is possible to make for this purpose:

Draw a circle in the center of the sheet and enter in it the achieved objectives. Then draw several branches from this circle, and appropriate them the name of important areas of life - a family, career, friends, finance... and so on.

Near everyone such branches briefly write down how the reached changes were reflected in the most important parts of your life. List all benefits which you received, having realized successfully your plan

Make the list of new opportunities which became available to you now, thanks to your active actions and the achieved results

I the last council. If you want to create and to quickly carry out the plan of positive vital changes, then rely not only on the common sense, but also on knowledge and experience of those who already passed this way and it is ready to share with you necessary information. It is not necessary to invent a wheel, use what is already invented and checked in practice. Read literature on the subject of achievement of the objectives and vital success , study a useful course or take part in training. And if you still have doubts concerning urgency of changes in your life, then again read the Step 1 . At the beginning of this article!

I wish you Success in achievement of the objectives!

Irina Mikhalitsina,

the trainer of personal achievements, the NLP - the practician, the author of the " project; Purposes and Success

of www. StartCoach. net