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How not to allow a flood to spoil your life?

the Problem of leakages of water, for certain, is known to each of you. At least once in life, but you happened to face in the proceeding batteries, pipes, cranes. This problem is not simply actual - it is global. In everyone the house use water. And, as we know, there is nothing eternal in the world. And everything that was created by the person, falls sooner or later. And systems of water supply not an exception.

Just because the problem is so actual, it will be mentioned in this article. You, dear reader, learn about how you solved this problem in the past why its decision is so important and that in our world is undertaken for elimination of leakages. whether

is So important protection

Each person perceives a question of protection against leakages differently. Some belong seriously. But the majority, alas, do not pay to the matter due attention. They for some reason consider, something this problem will not concern them, or it for them was solved when designed the house.

Unfortunately, it is not true. Protection against leakages is a headache of each owner of the apartment. To think that it will not concern it - fondly; to believe that the problem is already solved - even more fondly. Nobody except you in your apartment will install system of protection against leakages.

The people neglecting the matter begin to understand its importance only when in their absence the system of water supply leaked. And having come back home, they find the flooded apartment. Serious financial losses - here the carelessness price.

The problem of leakages should be not solved in process of its receipt. It should be prevented long before possible emergence!

How the mankind fought and continues to fight against this question?

A little history

mankind faced leakages for a long time when began to use primitive capacities for liquid storage. As a rule, the holes or tree trunks hollowed from within dug in the earth were such capacities. After a while their operation people began to notice that water is absorbed to the earth, and in wooden troughs cracks through which water flows away are formed. In those days there were no technologies therefore the solution was primitive: replaced old wooden capacity with new.

Over time people learned to do pipelines. For the first time such idea came to mind to residents of Egypt - archeological finds testify to it. For pipelines used all the known plant - a bamboo. Being hollow inside, it was ideally suited for transfer of water on long distances. But the water supply system could not make only a straight line and not exceed length of one bamboo stalk. For construction of bamboo water supply systems the considerable quantity of stalks of a plant which kept within under different corners to each other was used. Having constructed the first water supply system of this kind, people found out that a lot of water follows on the earth and to all fault - cracks which are on a joint of pipes. The problem required the solution.

At first people strongly connected bamboo stalks with each other. Then tried to reduce diameter of one stalk that it entered another. But all this did not yield necessary result. Failures only strengthened desire of the Egyptian wise men to solve this problem. The water supply system was vital and could facilitate life of the Egyptian people significantly. And soon the solution was found! People began to apply ordinary clay. It was used to connect bamboo stalks with each other. This clay was also the first primitive security measure from leakages. Being invented several millennia ago, this way became the most popular for very long time. Any leakages in water supply systems, jugs or some other vessels were covered with clay.

Then clay forging succeeded. People discovered metal, learned to process it. Clay vessels were replaced by iron. And in that case when some capacity leaked, people bore it to the smith who fixed a problem with the help of the heated metal.

There were years, there were new technologies, skill developed. And today outside twenty first century. Ancient civilizations remained far behind. But protection against leakages which was thought up by them a millennium ago still works. However, now it has several other appearance and other principle of work.

Protection today

Today the most widespread way of protection against water leakages is use of consolidations. They are applied everywhere and everywhere: houses, at the dacha, in the industry. Consolidations there is a huge set, and each of them has the scope. Some are used in pumps, and some - in house water supply systems. If you at least once in life disassembled the crane, then you saw that in some places there are rubber layers - it is and there are consolidations. However they are not perfect as they can wear out. When service life of this or that consolidation comes to an end - it is impossible to predict, it depends on many factors. Equally, as well as it is impossible to predict consequences of failure of consolidation.

And the " system was developed for such emergencies; Neptun about which you learn in more detail now.

Principle of work of the " system; Neptun

" System; Neptun consists of three components. Sensors of leakages of water, the control unit and actuation mechanisms enter it.

The sensor reports about leakages at once as soon as on it water begins to arrive. Having the safe power supply, the sensor does not pose any threat. It is necessary to install sensors in the most probable places of leakages.

The controller, it is the control unit, it is used for connection of sensors of leakages.

Actuation mechanisms block heating and water supply in case of leakages.

of Advantage of the " system; Neptun

Popularity of the " system; Neptun grows every day. And it is used not only in house conditions. It also finds the application and on production. In total there are 8 various complete sets of this system. It allows to apply the " system; Neptun for various decisions. Besides, at desire, you will be able independently to bring together system from separate accessories.

System of protection against " water leakages; Neptun happens both wire, and wireless. The maximum length of a wire can make 100 meters. you will be able to connect

to the control unit to 10 sensors, thereby having secured all the housing against probable leakages. In case of their emergence the system turns on the external alarm system and sends you to the SMS - the message.

And, above all - the " system; Neptun it is repeatedly tested and has all necessary documentation for installation in apartments and the enterprises.

is A little about a competition

If all of you still doubt need of installation of system of protection against leakages Neptun we suggest you to participate in a competition which is held by the website Poremonta. ru. The essence of a competition is rather simple: each participant is offered to tell some story connected with water leakages, which happened at him or his acquaintances. Then they will be able to compare costs of repair to the cost of system of protection and to define - what is more favorable.

of Winners wait for valuable and interesting prizes.

Participate and win! Competition details