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Secrets of seven pyramids

From seven miracles of antiquity we were reached only by one - the Egyptian pyramids. Eternity symbol. From where they undertook? Who and why them constructed?

In the beginning the question stood: As pyramids " were constructed;. There is such science - history, here on this science left that pyramids constructed hundred thousand slaves, stacking the blocks which are cut out in stone quarries of the cyclopean sizes, at the same time adjusting them with an amazing accuracy. Told all this to historians father of the history Herodotus. But historians could not but trust Herodotus - then all history will backfire.

Well, slaves and let it pass built. But here engineers, builders everyones reflected: well children whose tsars had vehicles like that that found in a grave of one of them - Tutankhamun cannot, to put for as be reasonable time stones weighing from 100 to 1000 tons in a pyramid in one and a half hundred meters high. Well though you burst - it will not turn out.

Then there was a question: Who all - constructed pyramids?

comes To mind that it was constructed by inhabitants of Atlantis or their descendants. Or aliens.

The version with aliens, gods and other devilry is so advantageous also a zakhvatyvayushcha because if it it is sensible to approach, then it is possible to make not sickly a fast buck, parting suckers.

And already expedition is equipped, movies are shot, in years books leave.

Here sample of similar babloproizvodyashchy production.

Here that, for example, speak in the movie:

To deliver from a stone quarry the block weighing hundred tons in the basis to a monument to the marshal Zhukov, the help of a tank division was required, and Memnon`s colossuses weigh in seven - eight times more that exceeds possibilities of the most powerful modern cranes, but it was necessary not just to deliver blocks, but to somehow make of them statues, of quartzite, one of the most solid materials on Earth, i.e. it was necessary to use tools from even more solid and stronger material.

the Weight of this titan of 1000 tons, is also made it so that any modern sculptor will envy.

We expected that in Egypt we will meet the facts of existence of the ancient developed civilization long before Pharaohs, but we did not expect that there will be a lot of them, literally continually. Another surprised: as, studying Egypt not to notice, or to pretend that you do not notice existence of these facts

And here does not surprise us why authors of the movie, reproaching those who study Egypt, that they at the sight of the facts which literally continually, right there blink.

Nefertitivot the well-known head of Nefertiti, from that supersolid quartzite, for some reason did not involve our critics.

Here when photographing the head is not lit as it is lit when shooting for catalogs and prospectuses, as a result on an axis of symmetry of a sculpture the foundry seam is well looked through! I.e. our sculptor to whom any modern has to envy made only model, most likely from soft wax - so what to envy here?! And business of handicraftsmen is farther - to make demountable forms and to put production on a stream.

The fragment of the stone block of pyramid of Cheops taken from height of fifty meters, from an external laying of a pyramid. It is a chip of the top corner of the block. The maximum size of a fragment is about 6,5 centimeters.

A fragment of the stone block of a pyramid Heopsakak it is visible from the photo, the surface of the block is covered with a small grid. Close examination shows that it is a trace of a mat which was imposed on an internal surface of a box - a timbering. It is well visible that the mat was bent at right angle along a block side. And at small distance from a block edge, other mat was imposed on it with overlapping. It is visible that on edge of the second mat there is a fringe. There are no fibers located along edge, they dropped out. As it usually also occurs on the raw edge of wattled cloths.

The top surface of the block from which this fragment broke away was uneven, hilly. It is well visible also on the fragment. Though the part of the top surface of a fragment was cut for the chemical analysis, but the rest had original, hilly state. And has to be if it is concrete.

As the eyewitness who personally broke away this fragment from the block of pyramid of Cheops reported, traces of a timbering were visible on all blocks in this place of a pyramid, i.e. at the height of 50 m and above. Below they or are chopped specially off, or oshlifovana by sand, but above, they well remained.

And again our critics, oblazivshy a pyramid from top to bottom, from within and outside, again in an emphasis noticed nothing!

They did not notice and scientific publications, that samples of a splitting off from blocks of pyramids, visited under an electronic microscope:

The amorphous silicon emitted to red cements black to izvestnyakposla of scanning on an electronic microscope and other researches, some conclusions began to appear For example, that the substance connecting limestone in blocks was silicon dioxide in an amorphous form that practically does not meet in the nature.

On this image received by means of an electronic microscope is visible as the amorphous silicon emitted red cements black limestone

the Stone stele from Egyptian concrete with the squeezed-out hieroglyphs.

A stone stele from Egyptian concrete with squeezed out the iyeroglifamistela looks also indistinguishable from stone and nonplused scientists: as it was possible to cut out hieroglyphs so skillfully. Under magnifying glass a porazitelnost of similar carvings becomes even more shocking. It appears, cutter went in a stone so quietly and surely that did not shiver . Moreover, meeting on the way especially firm impregnation, cutter did not leave slightly aside as it should be expected, and continued to go straight. The impregnation at the same time always is intact. This circumstance brought into shock of the first Europeans who arrived to Egypt with Napoleon. They were forced to recognize that inscriptions became in some way mysterious, unknown to science. Let`s note, by the way, that ancient Egypt is literally crowded with the similar inscriptions applied on strong breeds of a stone.

In the movie still there is a speech also about sarcophagi in Valley of the Kings. Again same foolish enthusiasm and admiration gods and aliens . Really, is what to admire if to assume that sarcophagi are cut down from integral stone blocks: blocks, in hundreds of tons, gods it is obvious, flew in, to the valley located among mountains conducts the narrow pass which is cut through in rocks and on it well not to drag any large stones in any way, and mountains local are put absolutely from other stone other than material of sarcophagi by

P. S. The secret of the Egyptian concrete was solved by Joseph (Iosif) Davidovich who is the famous scientist - the chemist, the expert in the field of low-temperature synthesis of minerals. In 1972 it founded the private research company CORDI in France, and in 1979 - Institute of geopolymers (Geopolymer Institute). It founded the new branch of applied chemistry called geopolymerization. As a result of geopolymerization the concrete almost indistinguishable from some natural stone breeds is created. The components necessary for creation of geopolymeric concrete, were quite available to ancient Egyptians