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entrants Now choose the future professions not by the rule This profession it to be pleasant to me, I dreamed to become an expert in this " area long ago; and by the rules This profession is prestigious and is always demanded in labor market or It is necessary to receive a profession where is cheaper? . Also it will be excellent if at choice of profession you successfully guess and work in the specialty will become for you interesting hobby. But often everything develops absolutely not so. Work in the specialty is not interesting and boring, over time you begin to reflect on aimlessly spent years in native educational institution There can be a situation when you understand that you are not on the place, are engaged in unloved and uninteresting business, the heightened sense of uselessness and incomprehensibility will appear. This feeling - a sure sign of the fact that you should reconsider the professional reference points. For a start we will decide by

at least on type of future profession. Let`s give some of such types: The person - the technician: builder, technologist, pilot, driver, designer. The person - the nature: chemist, geologist, veterinarian, biologist, farmer. The person - the person: secretary, HR manager, doctor, seller, militiaman. The person - an artistic image: artist, writer, actor, musician, journalist. The person - sign system: programmer, economist, operator, translator. As you can see, division quite accurate and harmonous. To choose for yourself this or that type of employment, it is necessary to remember what you felt a special attraction to since childhood who was your idol what your familiar parents you filled up with questions of their profession. Also many experts recommend to present choice of profession in the form of an isosceles triangle which parties - such concepts as I can I want and it is necessary . I want - it is interests and tendencies of the personality which can be shown already at the earliest age, for example, tendency to work with people, equipment, the nature etc. I can - it is abilities of the person to development and performance of a certain professional activity. And, to performance fast and qualitative. It is necessary - it is, so to speak, the social order, that is requirement of society for people of certain specialties, demand. As you already guessed, the person will be satisfied only if he manages to connect all these parties in a harmonous geometrical design. So, try to go in a little for vital geometry and draw a similar triangle. If the parties turn out too inadequate, so obviously brought you not there. For correction of the choice it is possible to use various tests, questionnaires, questionnaires. They will allow you to define what type of the personality you treat what qualities are decisive for this or that sphere of activity (special literature on it exists much). The analysis of this information will help you to choose correctly the specialty, the business. Boring term career guidance actually very fascinating and useful occupation. How many people suffer from - for the fact that once made the wrong choice!

Should not choose a profession, being guided by councils of acquaintances, by possible high earnings or prestige. Listen to a voice of the heart, test yourself independently or together with professionals, and then then you have nothing will regret. You will make a faultless choice. Be sure of themselves! To get a desirable job, it is necessary not only to be pleasant to the employer, but also to bypass other applicants for a position. The major quality necessary for achievement of these purposes, self-confidence and the forces is. This confidence has to be shown in our shape, manners, words and acts, and especially in worthy behavior in critical life situations. There is no doubt that honor each of us would like to possess this quality much more than has. Excessive self-confidence and extreme degree of uncertainty in itself are the different parties one medal same quality. Often people consider too self-confident those who hide the uncertainty under bravado, aggression, arrogance, ostentatious bravery and coolness. Always look for the best work! Always look for the best work (in or out of the organization) if you want to be the good expert and to completely realize the abilities. You study always, everywhere and to all - attend free courses, seminars, lectures; never refuse study at the expense of firm as it increases your value as the expert in the opinion of the management. Use temporary job as a springboard to future career: master progressive methods of work, work methods of effective interaction with people, get useful business connections with employees and clients, you learn to operate the conflicts and to remove stresses, create own image. Do not look for just the same work what you had before. Be ready to master the adjacent or absolutely new interesting you profession. Do not agree to the most available work, and persistently you aspire to that which most of all you want. Address to small firms where you will be able directly to have a talk with the employer, but not with the consultant from a human resources department. Be self-assured, purposeful also naporist. It shows to people around your future business activity. Be also able to risk. The employer is interested in your practical abilities and experience, than theoretical knowledge and education more. Surely show the progress and achievements, show models of work. Even if you did not get a job, leave in memory of the employer the best impression about yourself, hope for further cooperation. You present yourself to the employer as a godsend, but not as pathetic the beggar. Trust and prove that the firm needs you.