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Creation of music by means of the computer

B 70 - e years of the XX century a sequencer began to call a synthesizer at which it was possible to program sequence of several notes. Most often it were various options spread out arpedzhio. The musician struck a chord on such synthesizer, and the sequencer began to rinse it on all range. Sometimes musicians managed to synchronize rate of these broken lines arpedzhio with rate of the play.

A little later in single-voice analog synthesizers there was an opportunity to program small (one - two steps) melodic drawing. Usually it was used for creation of the bass or the soloist party and repeated so many time how many was enough impudence at the arranger. Operating various regulators and switches, the musician could influence in real time for a timbre and drawing of a sequence and, thus, to bring closer audio " calculator; on expressiveness to live to tools. Modest charm of MIDI - the Appeared technology

at the beginning of 80 - x new is musical years - the electronic technology (MIDI) gave to the composer and the arranger several important things:

to write down parties not only, programming them, but also executing alive ;

to write down long and difficult sequences of notes;

to write down polyphony; to reproduce

at the same time several parties with different timbres;

to force to work well-coordinated several synthesizers different in character and created by different producers.

For this MIDI - the technology entered several concepts, new to music, - MIDI - the channel, MIDI - the controller, SysEx - messages and others.

Later MIDI - a fayler or MIDI - a recorder began to call the device which allows to write down and reproduce only sequences of MIDI - messages. And - sequencers began to understand devices as MIDI (and then and computer programs) which allow to carry out difficult editing the written-down MIDI - parties.

All last years of MIDI - the technology is exposed to criticism, as from musicians, and engineers. The first fairly point to limitation of means of expression, narrow dynamic range, impossibility to operate with voice and traditional (not electronic) musical instruments. The second note outdated technology of data transmission, a slowness in work and the insufficient clearness of synchronization of different MIDI - events. It comes down that this technology regularly predict the " ambulance; death .

It seems to me that it does not happen because MIDI - the technology borrowed very favorable middle situation between a musical notation of music and a usual sound recording on digital or analog carriers.

Certainly, MIDI - the file will never replace a traditional form of record of music, but it has also some advantages inaccessible to the last.

In - the first, having written down music in an analog or digital form, you to a considerable measure limit yourself in an opportunity to edit it - for example, to change some note in a chord. For this purpose you should write down this chord anew. Difficult without quality loss strongly to lower or raise a tonality, to change speed, to place in a new way accents etc. It is actually impossible to transfer the written-down party to other tool (for example, to replace a flute with a pipe).

In - the second if you have already ready reduced soundtrack, it is quite difficult to analyse in detail it, to convert into job musical lots and to perearanzhirovat under . And with MIDI - arrangement of such problems is not present - you can easily unpack it in the form of notes, remove or change any tool, add new voices or correct separate notes.

On the other hand, and concerning a traditional musical notation of music of MIDI - the technology has a number of important advantages. MIDI which is written down in real time - party defines not only duration and location of notes, but also loudness of each of them. Besides, it allows to give rhythmic drawing of the performed part precisely. Especially it concerns all styles where swing pulse, and also vanguard or ethnic music is used.

We have everything that you could begin to create the music!!!