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How to kindle passion by means of smells?

the Skilled mistress, taking as a gift sparkling drink, will always offer the partner a glass of cognac from own bar. Chocolate - too powerful aphrodisiac. Not incidentally lovers eat it in large quantities.

But unconditional superiority in exciting " list; belongs to one of spicy herbs - to a celery. Not without reason the favourite of the French king Louis XV of the marquis de Pompadour which became history as the skilled worker of alcove games, regularly drank hot chocolate with these greens, and from all salads preferred a celery with apples and walnuts. It is interesting whether she knew that contained in the called substance " products; disperse and amuse blood, or just submitted to call of an organism, is insatiable demanding love? On customs of ancestors in many countries in the first marriage night the bunch of a celery is suspended over a bed of newlyweds: consider that it strengthens passion.

Some other spicy herbs are powerful aphrodisiacs too. Kalgan, on scientific - a silverweed upright is especially appreciated. In special honor it at rural sorcerers: speak, at regular application works even better than viagra.

And in China where in the millennia studied properties of plants, will read a gold root - a ginseng. Doctors usually recommend to accept its extract within 40 days, then to take a break for 3 months (the dose is defined strictly individually). Tea from a pounded dried root of a ginseng is very useful: in combination with certain herbs it does not allow to die away to sexual desire.

For strong aphrodisiacs also cheeses, especially with a noble penicillinic mold have a reputation. Syrodela noticed long ago that men prefer juicier and sharp grades, and women - sweetish and soft. In Georgia, on assurances of local population, there are cheese grades with so strong exciting smell that women, having felt it, literally faint

In the world of the sexual relations smells play a huge role. A peculiar base of our sensuality is sense of smell. The man is excitingly affected first of all by natural aromas of a female body - pheromones which contain in sweat. They also define individual sexual appeal of each woman. Invisible threads pheromones connect, apparently, absolutely different in characters and tastes of people. We begin to distinguish other smells, having only reached puberty.

Scientists, alas, cannot explain yet the mechanism of this unique phenomenon which interests not only them long ago, but also the perfumers trying to include pheromones in structure of spirits, lotions and deodorants. For now a secret is not revealed, perfumery firms create masterpieces on the basis of smells of flowers and plants which can be assimilated to pheromones. By the way, women of many African tribes perform before the act of love ritual obkurivaniye genitals. Most often for this purpose they in special vessels burn aromatic substance ambergris.

The traditional essential oils helping to relax and increase sensuality are more available to the European woman. The erotic atmosphere indoors arises thanks to aromatic candles or the essential oil heated in a ceramic vessel - a candlestick. It is recommended to add when rinsing bed linen to water conditioners with an exciting smell or to keep in a sachet wardrobe - the small pillows filled with mix of fragrant substances. Several drops of the aromatic oils with a fascinating smell added to a bathtub will help you to shroud itself in an exciting loop. Only do not overdo. Some oils - aphrodisiacs are badly combined among themselves therefore use one aroma or ready composition in which 2 - 3 aromas are picked competently up. Having filled the apartment with their smell before appointment, you will ensure really romantic evening. Oils for seduction:

the bergamot - raises a sexual inclination

a geranium - at the same time weakens and invigorates with

a jasmine - creates the atmosphere of intimacy and luxury

ilang - ilang - wins against impotence and frigidity

of not role - refreshes and helps to overcome shyness

a rose - exhales tenderness and the sandal-wood tree gives pleasure

- stupefies sweet spice

Try, experiment, and everything will turn out.