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To properly make tea Pu-erh that it kept all the curative properties and unique taste?

But in order that it happened, it is necessary to follow the rules. They are brought directly from China, from professionals of the tea world.

So, for all opponents of tea in bags, art of drink of the Chinese tea Pu-erh:

First rule: Any sweeteners!

Tea Pu-erh - the best drink for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is better to refuse completely from artificial sweets (sugar in any kind and all products, it containing), having replaced them natural, natural (fruit, dried fruits). Do not give to various sweeteners (including to sakharozamenitel) to spoil not only health, but also pleasure from favourite drink.

Sugar does tea sweet and deprives of it true taste. And if you drink rather qualitative tea, then, believe, it is big loss.

Second rule: Ware

the Best choice for a zavarivaniye - porcelain or glasswares. Having chosen a clay teapot, you risk to lose pleasure from unique tastes of others chayov as clay will become impregnated with the Pu-erh smell.

If the small company gathered or you know that you will drink several cups of tea through small periods, then use better a teapot of the small size quicker to drink drink and to fill in new water.

After use it is very desirable to dry a teapot and not to wash it liquid for washing the dishes. Enough simple rinsing will be water.

If you prefer the wide range of tea and at the same time do not organize a house tea ceremony, use not teapots, but several glass glasses better or cups that they managed to dry out and evaporate aromas of the drunk drink.

I use for the personal tea drinking a high glass on a leg. Glass allows to see game of the twisted, and then developed tea leaf, its swelling and falling on a glass bottom. You can observe change of color of drink, its game on light. Incredibly poetically and inspiring.

In general in esthetic understanding of drink of tea Chinese obviously bypass many Russians. Though here, of course, a lot of things depend on culture of tea drinking. Of course, Russia - the tea country: samovars, tea services, saucers for tea. All this is very original. But not across all Russia these traditions remained.

In China almost everywhere it is possible to see observance tea traditions and special relation to this drink.

For example, Chinese carry Pu-erh to red teas in spite of the fact that in Russia many consider it black. It and is clear, dry tea has black color. But Chinese estimate color of tea while it comes to life also begins not just to live, exhaling aromas, and to play on light. Directing a transparent cup with yantarno - brown Pu-erh to sunshine, you can see game of red shades of very big range. Black tea will be only in the dark room where that will seem even a white cat.

Third rule: Water

Chinese tea wise men claim that for a zavarivaniye it is better to use rain water or water from a well. The grandmother took water exactly from there. Also spring, rain and thawed snow was used.

But, living in conditions of the modern city, I would not begin you to advise it. Possibly, such rule is suitable only for the true judges of tea living in mountains with the purest air and water. The ideal decision would be to filter water, to put in it shungitny stones and to allow to stand days. So it will be filled with energy of stones and will be cleared. Water has to become soft .

You should not bring water to full boiling. There will be enough 80 - 90 C. To determine such temperature approximately it is necessary to observe water:

After on a water surface and walls of capacity small bubbles begin to appear, they will be succeeded by bubbles of larger size. And only when water will begin to rage slightly (2 - 5 seconds) - a sure sign of the fact that water is ready. Chinese call such " boiled water; to young people .

Fourth rule: Tea leaves

of 4 - 7 grams of tea on zavarochny capacity. But here depends on the number of participants of tea drinking, a grade of tea and your personal taste rather and rather. On average about 1 - 1,5 spoons of tea leaves on the person turn out.

At the same time tea leaves are recommended to be washed out before to purify it of dust. Some also prefer to fry slightly tea leaves as are not always sure of correctness of conditions of its storage. This process is not obligatory at all, but if you decided, then it is necessary not to go too far. Do not allow emergence of a smoke. Otherwise tea will get burned taste and smell.

Fifth rule: Zavarivany

Before tea leaves needs to scald a teapot hot water. The teapot has to get warm from all directions.

Only after this compulsory procedure in it tea leaves are put, and the teapot is filled with water on 1/3. It is necessary to wait several seconds and to merge water. Tea begins to breathe . Afterwards you can fill a teapot on ½ and to make 3 - 5 minutes (depending on a tea grade).

In China boiled water in zavarochny capacity on a table is poured from teapots with a long neck, it is frequent from big height. According to experts, it becomes for water saturation by energy of air, enrichment by oxygen and, of course, for beauty and an esthetics.

If you make a tea ceremony, then wait only 20 - 40 seconds (the tea is more qualitative, the expectation is shorter) and spill drink in small (better absolutely small, as in the photo on the right) cups. Chinese do it on a special tray, without returning a teapot in a starting position after each cup.

Sixth rule: Quantity of zavarivaniye
Tea tea leaves can draw

from 4 to 7 times. Here everything is caused by quality and quantity of a tea leaf.

Usually Chinese carry with themselves glass thermoses in which constantly add boiled water, very seldom changing tea leaves. So often also I do, going to action, and at a table always I drink only the favourite drink.

But here it is important to remember: only Shiu Puer is suitable for a zavarivaniye in a thermos! So it even improves the taste, gaining pleasant smack of baked milk. It can be filled in with water to 3 times - aroma and taste will proceed from it very slowly.

But with Sheng Puerom of it you should not do: it becomes tart and tasteless, and with each new addition of boiled water loses the taste at all.

Seventh rule. Time allowed for one tea leaves
As was already told to

in the fifth rule, the first zavarivaniye of tea (now I speak about Sheng Puere) lasts 20 - 40 seconds. The second - 40 - 50 sec., the third - 1 min., the fourth - 1,5 minutes, the fifth - 2 min. and so on. Each received drink differs from previous. The first - very concentrated, the last - lungs, but with saturated aroma.

If you hold the first tea leaves longer than one minute, then tea turns out tart. It already a matter of taste - both are fans of tart wine, and there will be fans of tart tea.

You should not drink tea which staid more than an hour. The tannins which are contained in leaves impact to tea bitterness and nasty relish. Chinese and Japanese consider such tea harmful and never drink it.

This rule is very important, but we, Russians, we neglect it. Russia got used to make a full teapot, to drink a cup, and to leave tea leaves sometimes even for days. It almost completely loses the aroma, getting the smell not peculiar to it.

And next day they do what is not acceptable for Puer and, probably, for all Chinese people at all. In a cup at first tea leaves from zavarochny capacity, and then boiled water from a teapot are poured. You want to fall in love Puer - forget about it. Puer has to be fresh and fill with the taste and aroma all your cup.


the Chinese tea Pu-erh it is possible not only to make b> PostScriptum, but also to cook. Some types of tea in general are recommended to be cooked - so they disclose the best qualities. First of all it concerns some young Pu-erhs - their taste becomes softer.

Gained the biggest distribution so-called Lu Yu`s method .

Lu Yu living in the 7th century of our era devoted the life to studying of tea and became the author of the first-ever treatise about tea which received the name Tea canon .

In its method there are a lot of poetical notes (as, for example, he calls a water boiling sound noise in pines ) but in essence it is quite simple and available.

It is the best of all to use a torch and a transparent glass teapot. It will allow you not only to control water boiling process, but also to enjoy game of color. Many even put the lit candle on the other hand from a torch to watch a tea zavarivaniye, disclosure of all shades of color.

When soft water is brought to a state young boiled water (as it is described in the rule the third), it is necessary to begin to interfere it with roundabouts so that in the center the funnel was formed. Exactly there in advance prepared washed-out and sodden tea is filled and we do fire absolutely small. At this moment the swirling will stop for several seconds, but then on a surface bubbles and small brown foam will begin to appear again. It is a sign - it is time to switch off fire.

We will cover a teapot and we will give it a little to approach . At this time it is possible to observe behind the revealed and recovered tea leaflets falling on a capacity bottom. Tea is ready!

Shiu Puer welded on milk is very tasty. It has a dense consistence and at the same time pleasant soft taste. But it already on the fan .