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How to make fast dough?

the Modern woman should manage to take care of children, to do career, to conduct economy, to find time for the husband. Therefore she is not able to afford to spend in kitchen much time. But there is a wish to please children and the husband with newly-baked pies and rolls all the same. Therefore are necessary for the hostess simple, fast performed by recipes.

I want to share recipes of the instant test which are tested more than once by me and deserve attention.

Recipe the first.

Ingredients: two glasses of milk (or one glass of milk and one glass of water), 50 g of fresh yeast, three tablespoons of sugar, are a little salt, one teaspoon of a baking powder, one egg, 200 g of the kindled warm margarine, about 800 g of flour.

To connect all products, to knead dough, to lay in a cellophane package, to stick. Dough will approach in 25 - 30 minutes.

Here it is also ready, you can bake pies.

Recipe of the second.

A this yeast dough prepares on kefir. Pies turn out lungs as down and long do not harden. And, besides, it is very simple and economical recipe.

Ingredients: one glass of kefir, 0,5 glasses of vegetable oil, three glasses of flour, is a little salt, one tablespoon of sugar (you can add more if you love sweet), 40 g of fresh yeast.

To heat kefir with vegetable oil, to add yeast and to allow to rise. To add sugar and salt, then three glasses of flour. To knead dough, it approaches quickly - 20 - 30 minutes. Also bake pies with various stuffing.

Besides, from this test it is possible to make still fried pies or donuts. Only dough should be done not on kefir, and on water and margarine and to add two tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Recipe the third.

It is dough taste unusual prepares in 20 minutes, and. Pies and rolls turn out air, gentle.

Ingredients: three glasses of flour, 200 g of the margarine softened at the room temperature, three tablespoons of sugar, one glass of warm milk, 40 - 50 g of yeast can be added one egg.

To part yeast in warm milk, to add sugar, the softened margarine, flour and to knead dough. To put dough in cellophane a package and tie it. In 15 - 20 minutes dough will approach. It can be stored in the refrigerator several days therefore when guests come, it is possible to bake from it rolls, pies, coulibiacs.

Recipe the fourth .

Ingredients one glass of warm milk, three tablespoons of sugar, 50 g of fresh yeast, two eggs, 50 g of the softened margarine, slightly salts, vanillin and three glasses of flour.

In warm milk to part yeast and sugar when foam rises, to add eggs, margarine, salt, vanillin and flour. To knead dough and to leave for half an hour that approached. To Zatemvylozhit on a table (not to knead) and to do rolls or pies.

In all recipes amount of flour approximate therefore it is necessary to add flour as required if dough is thinnish.

I want to give such advice. Prepare a half of standard of the recipe at once. Perhaps, will seem to you that there is not enough sugar or salt, then next time you will make already whole norm, having improved the recipe.