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How to grow up mushrooms on the seasonal dacha?

How to grow up mushrooms on the seasonal dacha? And not oyster mushrooms or champignons, but valuable forest mushrooms - white, slippery jacks, aspen mushrooms, birch mushrooms, chanterelles and milk mushrooms which, unfortunately, do not grow on churbaka and beds with sawdust. They develop only in the commonwealth with live forest trees and are called mycorrhizal mushrooms. Their mycelium envelops roots of a tree and takes root into them, forming gribokoren, or to a mikoriz.

It appears, cultivation of forest mushrooms is available and on the seasonal dacha, naturally, in the presence on the sosenok or oaklets is mute at least several birches, aspens. At cultivation of mycorrhizal mushrooms not to do without suitable tree in any way.

So how to grow up forest mushrooms at itself at the dacha? For this purpose there are several ways.

For crops of aspen mushrooms or birch mushrooms it is possible to dig the processed young mushrooms in a zone of roots. They consist of the threads of a mycelium capable to get into roots of a birch or an aspen. Such easy way allows to part on a site even cepes over time.

It is even simpler to scatter in rainy weather under trees pieces of the young mushrooms gathered in the wood and to cover them with a sheet opad. At regular moistening of the soil in this place the first several mushrooms can be gathered the next year.

Other option of cultivation of forest mushrooms - crops of a mycelium from dispute. At the same time the soil around adult trees is watered with a suspension of the processed mature mushrooms. Add 1 tablespoon of gelatin to solution and food flour. Disputes of a mushroom sprout and create a mikoriza in the next season, and fructify through two - three years.

By the way, some inveterate mushroom pickers use this method, equipping the forest allotments. On the seasonal dacha it is less suitable - few forest trees. But if near you there are birch or aspen splittings, then it is quite possible to create a mushroom plantation.

More labor-consuming option - to replace from the wood to the seasonal dacha small trees (not less than three) near which the necessary mushrooms already grew. A harvest in this case it is necessary to wait for several years. However, this way is ideally suited for a domestication of a slippery jack which harvest keeps up since May to the middle of September.

On the seasonal dacha it is the simplest to grow up a forest mushroom - a slippery jack. He is quite prolific, prefers the limy soil, a diffused light and the neighbourhood of pines, and not only in the wood, but also on an edge. You should find only trees with plentiful fructification of this forest mushroom and a band or pegs to note them. Pay attention that at a row inedible mushrooms - competitors did not grow, for example a mokrukh zheltonogy, very similar to a slippery jack.

Young sosenka well transfer change. Place trees on a lawn or among berry bushes. In dry weather regular watering is required. The first mushrooms will appear in 3 - 4 after landing of pines. But in the subsequent the slippery jack begins to fructify all season. The first wave of mushrooms, as a rule, falls on the middle of May, the second - for the beginning of June, then mushrooms appear each three weeks.

Interesting what on the seasonal dacha of butterdishes practically does not become wormy, and its hats grow with a diameter up to 10 cm. The whole summer can be eaten the fresh forest mushrooms which are grown up at themselves near by without tiresome campaigns in the wood on silent hunting.

Now you know how to grow up forest mushrooms at yourself near by.

Try, it is not difficult at all.