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The spirit of old England lives in modern hours?

What most famous clock in the world? It is worth thinking only for a minute of it, and the stately handsome Big - Ben, already one and a half hundred years looking down in dark waters of the Thames appears at eyes at once.

The regal construction carrying the official name Clock tower of the Westminster palace (differently St Stephen`s Tower ) - long ago became davny not only the most favourite and recognizable symbol of old kind England, but also a local standard of hour accuracy. Each inhabitant of foggy Albion with confidence will tell you that Big - Ben is the only hours on which accuracy they can rely completely.

The sonorous name which was so fallen in love to British, legendary London sight received thanks to the biggest bell on hours which weight makes 13 tons. Big`s bell - Ben is established 96 inside - the meter tower which is part of an architectural complex of the Westminster palace. Construction was built in 1858 and today enters into the three of the highest clock towers in the world.

A year later after the end of construction of the tower, also hours with bells were used on May 31. Diameter of their dials made 7 meters, and length of arrows - 2,7 and 4,2 meters. Long time of Big - Ben was considered as the biggest giant among quadrilateral hours in the world while its record was not surpassed by clock tower Allen - Bradley in the USA.

The developer of hours and dials Big - Bena became Augustus Padzhin who showed to the world a real miracle of engineering thought. The dials developed by it represent the design consisting of 312 disks made of opal glass, gilded on a circle. Elements are inserted so that in need of them it was possible to take out for survey.

Today, as well as many years ago, Big`s accuracy - Bena is reached by means of a usual penny - a small English coin. Alas, history did not keep a name of the person who established that if to put a coin on a four-meter pendulum of hours, they accelerate the course on 2. The 5th seconds in days. However the method remains to the most effective also hitherto and allows in such simple way (establishing a penny on a pendulum or moving away him) to try to obtain the maximum accuracy of hours.

Big - Ben is famous not only the outstanding sizes, reference accuracy and respectable age. Its anthem became one more symbol of old England. Composition of Westminster Chimes which, on one of versions, was written on the basis of several steps from Messiahs Handel. There is also other version of emergence of the well-known motive according to which the authorship is attributed to William Krotchu - the young assistant to the organist of King`s College London.

Through this hour the Lord stores me, and force it will not allow anybody to stumble - already the second century announces the melody, each hour sounding over London.

Certainly, Big - Ben - only the sort, however in the world the talented masters who managed to inhale in modern works of hour art, true English nobility and majestic character of legendary London hours were. The magnificent, stylized semi-antique interior hours of Howard Miller in which sounds song Big - Bena, even the most ascetic room is capable to be turned into respectable apartments in ancient English style. Big`s

- Ben in a drawing room

of Howard Miller 660 - 268 are an interior mechanical clock with a hummock suspension of weights. Their cost - nearly 4000 dollars seldom causes bewilderment in buyers as even on them it is enough a glance to understand - each gear wheel, each element of the case worked to trifles with interest deserve this money. Having paid for them once, you for many years receive:

- the highest quality of the mechanism . The best experts in the Howard Miller company work more than 80 years on preservation of the best traditions of hour art and improvement of production. Therefore today models of hours Howard Miller are in perfection the worked technologies, ideally balanced mechanisms and excellent workmanship of elements from the most high-quality materials not subject to deformations and influence of moisture;

- multistage study of a design of the case . All details of the case have ideal adjustment and high-quality connection by means of thorns and tongues. Besides, besides the lower basis which usually sets necessary rigidity of a design the producer uses an additional stiffening rib, for achievement of the maximum stability and avoidance of risk of damage when moving hours. The massif of a tree of which the case is manufactured passes special processing and drying that excludes emergence of cracks and deformations;

- fine sound . Production of interior hours is quite often equated to skill of production of musical instruments, steadily remembering unsurpassed violin masters. And it is absolutely fair as not only high quality masters of hour art, but also the best producers of elite furniture worked on creation of this model. As a result hours in the case from specially picked up breeds of a tree providing a deep and pure sound of fight for many years were born;

- convenience and functionality . This model allows not only to watch time, but also to be guided in moon phases. The second hand is located on the separate dial. A striking clock each hour, half an hour and a quarter of hour loses Westminster melody. The option of fight can be adjusted independently. Thus, hours will not disturb the owner in undesirable time;

- elitism and esthetics . A name of the producer with almost centenary history, quality of study of the mechanism and case, expensive durable materials, purity of sounding, - all these characteristics are worthy only hours of the highest class. Besides, at desire you can make the hours nominal. It is enough to send to the producer the special plate which is available in hours and on it will make the nominal inscription which was pleasant to you.

the Design of the case giving to hours a type of perfectly remained antiquarian thing was developed at cooperation of Howard Miller with the most famous American designers of furniture. Noble finishing by Windsor cherry is perfectly combined also with the dial and a pendulum which are made of brass and are manually decorated with a refined ornament. Big`s

- Ben in the dining room

of Teressa (625 - 407) from Howard Miller are surprisingly beautiful wall clock of noble tone of Heirloom Cherry with a carved pediment in the form of swan necks which the fine-molded rail-post in the center crowns. As well as all interior models of this producer, Teressa meets the royal production and esthetic requirements. Hours have the high-precision quartz mechanism. The classical white dial in a brass fringing is perfectly combined with the polished brass pendulum. You can choose one of two melodies for fight - Westminster or Beethoven. The model allows to regulate melody loudness, and also automatically turns off fight at night. The average cost of hours is 500 dollars. Big`s

- Ben in an office

the Circa Model (630 - 212) from Howard Miller can become a fine gift on any event. Refined mechanical room clock is made of the wooden massif of Americana Cherry color with the noble cream dial. Quality of processing and selection of wood provides to hours of ideal frequency sounding of a melody of Westminster. The cost of model is about 1200 dollars.