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Colloquial club - the best way to learn English?

When people look for courses where it would be possible to learn or finish learning English, it is quite often possible to hear a question: Whether the Truth that colloquial club - the best way to learn language? Where the nearest club? With whom it is better to talk - to the native speaker, or the foreigner for whom English nonnative?

It is For some reason considered to be that the best way to learn English (as well as any other foreign, however) language - it is simple to plunge on Wednesday where communicate in language, having thrown textbooks.

On the one hand, everything is wonderful - language for this purpose and exists to communicate, but on the other hand, there is a small complexity - beginning to speak, many students, let and having a certain lexicon, forget these words to a dress even with the simplest rules of creation of phrases in a foreign language at all. It turns out, the thought is and how to inform of it - unclear.

Even it is not necessary to speak about beginners - only beginning to master a spoken language, people do not possess neither skills of conversation in a foreign language, nor skills of understanding of oral speech. Besides, it is worth noticing that not each native speaker and more advanced compatriot, club come in such here, will begin to wait while the reddening and faltering interlocutor dorasskazht, at last, about an exhibition of goldfishes. The understanding of it adds even more reasons for a zabyvaniye of everything that had to be read or jagged once.

Is it better to seize at least bases of informal conversation in a foreign language in the beginning, and then to send to colloquial club? Here people come to communicate, fixing skills of informal conversation, but not to spend time and forces on a recall of words and forms of verbs. Here, just, dialogue is carried on by the principle the main thing that it was clear and nobody will begin to pay special attention to correctness of words or offers.

Therefore the language club first of all is recommended to those people who made progress in studying of language and can say independently phrases in English.

It is worth emphasizing, exactly to say - one understanding and the head in a step of the ardent speech of the workmate there will be not enough kivaniye. Besides, it is desirable that informal conversation was perfected - means that the phrases available to the person at his level of knowledge, he says without mistakes. Why it is important?

Again - because hardly anyone - that will begin to watch blots in the speech or to correct incorrectly put pretext. And if in time not to correct such errors, they are easily fixed. The same concerns communication with foreigners for whom English is not native - they and can mispronounce something or with accent. And any person whose skills of informal conversation are insufficiently fixed, has chance to adopt others mistakes.

And if very much there is a wish to go to communicate, at last, with foreigners - how to perfect skills of informal conversation?

Conversation is an ability to correctly listen and say therefore to master this skill, it is necessary to listen and speak. For this purpose, of course, it is possible to jag phrases. which are suitable for some special situations (for example how to order food at restaurant or how to rent the room in hotel), but it would be more correct to master skills of full oral speech not to be limited in communication and in the discussed subjects.

Why? Having appeared in an extreme situation, people are, as a rule, lost, and forget all that was learned. It turns out, learning of dialogues for memory the same that the paragraph on geography at school - at a lesson of geography it can be remembered without effort, and at a biology lesson - any more in any way.

The same happens also to a foreign language.

For example, the case when the person disaccustomed on the course " is known; colloquial English it appeared face to face with need to talk to employees foreign dorozhno - sentry duty. He, one may say, lost a speech power - it also is not surprising who on similar courses will begin to investigate communication with traffic police? At the same time other student who finished three levels of a course of colloquial English in Applied education without effort could speak nonnative language and was even pleasantly surprised that the situation was resolved so quickly and easily.

Why? All is simple: the course of colloquial English which he completed, did not teach communication and phrases in concrete situations , and gave firm bases of colloquial skills , training in creation of offers and use of correct words.

Therefore, the spontaneous speech at it was limited only to open spaces of his imagination. but not a language barrier or a lack of skills to talk.

And this case not only - students of a course of colloquial English in Applied Education communicate in English the most part of occupation - not just jagging phrases, and understanding the principles of creation of offers and phrases and the correct use of words in different cases and in different options of English (American and British).

By the way, after the second level of such course, students can communicate in language clubs - they already have strong skills of informal conversation, let still simple phrases.

You want to learn to talk in English too? Come to an English course in Applied Educations - in several months the dream of colloquial club and communication with native speakers will become reality! For those who are limited in time or has the non-standard schedule of work, this summer in Moscow it is organized the express - training: you are trained 6 class periods a day (occupations go with breaks) during 2 - x weeks. Thus, you pass one full level of training (60 - 68 class periods). Training takes place in a type of colloquial trainings (even if you only want to begin to be trained in English). Particulars can be received, having written to the address sd6@apscis. ru or having called back by phone in Moscow (495) 507 - 87 - 09.

Than hundred times to hear. a picture is worth a thousand words - popular wisdom says. Therefore we invite you to a free fact-finding lesson of a course. Here you will get acquainted with way of training and will be able to try it on yourself.

Communicate in English easily! Where want with whom want also on any subjects!