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How free of charge and legally to receive keys to programs?

As free of charge and legally to receive keys to programs? It appears to become the license user of programs, it is not obligatory to pay now, it is possible to render small service to developers only.

For all comers to receive keys to programs, and at the same time not to pay, there is a website www. soft4barter. com. There announcements of developers of programs for which some services are necessary (for example are placed: the translation of the interface of the program, poll, beta testing to write revyyu and so forth) for which performance it is possible to receive a free key or a discount! I.e. this website is intended for users of programs which want to help developers to improve in any way their software, having earned for it lawful reward.

The interesting way of fight against kryaker is presented on this website: having sent the letter to developers about the keygenerator found for their program or a serial key (in free access), it is possible to receive a free key.

So, now before looking for medicine (a keygenerator or a seriynik) for the program which attracted to you, at first look on the website, most likely the key can be received free of charge and it is made legally.

Why registration keys distribute free of charge? Because it is favorable to all - both for developers, and for users.

The developer of the program receives: the User receives a license key, and it means:

Each software developer itself establishes to