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How to become the Megaguitarist from scratch?

Are very interesting way which will give you tons of pleasure, inspiration, pleasure, will open for you the world, hundreds of interesting people, thousands of high points in your unique life and it is a lot more what you cannot even imagine.

But in exchange you should refuse three things: laziness, arrogance and fear.

to refuse laziness, present that you will receive if you are daily engaged: concerts, travel, interesting people and the most important - satisfaction and self-esteem. Present to

as it is possible more in details as you, years through 15, you face hundred-thousandth audience at some world festival, with the very expensive, brilliant, released some Fender especially for you guitar how people how you play

welcome you you Want it? If yes, you do not have that a uniform justification that not to reach it - all in your hands.

Twist this video a fragment in thoughts constantly - get used. It is your reality.

The arrogance will prevent you to develop.

Everything always is what to tell and at all it is possible to learn something. Teach

others - it is the best way to something to learn. Never tell

, and better and do not think that you more abruptly than someone - are someone more abruptly you.

You just abrupt, without any comparisons. Play

with all with whom it is not opposite to you to be nearby, but never play by request - it has to be from within. Address as

anyone though before grandmothers in the village - they can be grateful listeners too.

Listen to criticism, but only mind, but not heart. Learn lessons from mistakes and never despond.

Fear of what will not turn out.

is dangerous to Live in general: ways to die just a moment - millions.

Main - that you made to the death.

U you the unique chance to make something great and to remain in the hearts of thousands of people is.

do not listen to fear, listen to heart.

it is possible to get out Of any hole, in the history it is enough examples.

Main - to believe in itself and to work.

If you decided to become a Megaguitarist, then you to them already became.

You came to this Way.

Needed to pass it - to learn to play, step on the stage and to light!!!

Only - my blog " only started; How to become the Megaguitarist from scratch .

B will be it I to impart experience, knowledge and skills, and you can share with me.

Ya chose a way of the Megaguitarist, and I invite you to pass this way with me!