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What does Hollywood think of computers?

Hollywood on everything takes an independent stand. Or opinion. At the worst, a belltower with which it is so convenient to look at everything.

In an information age already practically any movie does not do without computers, mobile phones and the other digital benefits of a civilization. Computers in itself are boring and monotonous therefore at cinema of the technician it is diluted with any fishechka. Which turn into stereotypes sooner or later:

1. When the computer breaks, everything begins to blow up

When the computer ceases to work in real life, this really depressing, but extremely boring show. At cinema all on the contrary - computer failures become the reason of numerous destructions, explosions and other pleasant incidents. Cataclysm scale, as a rule, depends on the concrete movie and does not submit to the general rules.

For example, in the tape Star Trek Pick was to ask the on-board computer of newcomers an inconvenient question of meaning of life enough. As a result in equipment brains something jammed, the logic faced a mimicry - BOOM!

In the picture Star wars: An episode 1 - the Hidden threat destruction of the main starprobe vehicle led to the fact that all army of droids lost control and ceased to function. At one even the head fell off. Why it was impossible to make army autonomous?

Most often the first consoles of management perish. They so beautifully sparkle, sparkle and flare up. Thank God, in real you will not often see how at lag of Windows the keyboard explodes.

2. To guess the password? As easy as shelling pears

In any movie when the main character meets the Main computer on the way to final credits, to it needs to enter the password that to cut off power it. It appears, the hacker to be not so difficult. The first attempt - is entered the wrong password. Attempt the second - here it is necessary to strain properly brains and again to enter the wrong set of letters and figures. Before making a third, our hero looks around, then his memory suddenly gives him the hint then the inspired character quickly builds a logical chain and correct presses the password.

Question. Why in general in Hollywood passwords are necessary? Guys and hammer, you store your data and money in a savings bank. If any hard superhero can solve so easily a puzzle, then why to strain? Hide files by the principle on a foreground - on a desktop.

3. Typing in messages

Even those users who in eyes did not see the Internet, ICQ and online - chats, all the same know - before receiving the message, it needs to be sent. Systems of an exchange of instant messages at cinema work by the principle real time and the answer of the interlocutor is shown on the screen along with typing. What is a little strange, agree? Any mistakes, any hitches. On that end of the monitor skilled typists always sit. Pleases that the modern software does not allow to work yet such wonders because not everyone wants to know THAT other inhabitants of a chat think of them. Sometimes the message needs to be edited seriously before sharing with the world.

4. Files are removed, removed, removed

the good guy got access to confidential files of the villain and instead of fast copying them to himself on a flash card, having opened a mouth, studies them directly on the enemy computer. But the opponent does not doze, he managed to be connected from the outside and urgently deletes all documents compromising him. At the same time files and folders literally evaporate before our eyes as though someone erases them an eraser.

The hero, having shown patience when hacking the computer, now loses it finally and begins to beat furiously keys in hope to leave at least information scrap. Alas, everything is vain. By itself, or I will eat such obvious ways as wrest of a fork from the socket the hard drive do not come to our hero to mind. Utilities for recovery of remote files at cinema do not happen too. Though be hung up.

5. Viruses

Hackers create viruses for two reasons: to postebatsya and be enriched. In either case your computer is infected quietly and imperceptibly, without excess inquiries of the " type; To Catch? Yes/no . Because trojans do not love a sensation, they need not you, and your files and passwords. Cine viruses behave as if the robbers who dug a tunnel under bank only to creep out in the middle of a lunch break. In other words, at cinema harmful programs it is impassable are stupid. On the screen of the film computer emerges Jolly Roger or " inscription; The virus Is found. The " files are removed;. Then the discouraged user starts over again beating violently the keyboard in useless attempts to prevent inevitable.

6. Old kind Klava

the keyboard is necessary to

In life, but is not necessary. Many appendices are focused under a mouse klikaniye for a long time. Alas, this tendency reaches filmstars in a roundabout way. Because all actions, up to opening and closing of windows in Windows, characters of movies prefer to carry out by means of the hot keys. More precisely, this is meant. Actually, if to look narrowly, the majority of them just stupidly threshes on the keyboard. At the same time phrases of the " type are said; I open " port; or Attention, I enter the central " computer;. A mouse - the phenomenon useful, but at the cinema which is not promoted.

7. Good guys love apples

So was moved. Whether Apple has a marketing budget more, whether the bitten apple Mas`ov is pleasant to cinema-men more, but heroes use mainly these trademarks if it is about desktop computers and laptops. By the way, good hackers love Mac too. Though have to love Linux. Or not?

8. It is possible to increase ALL

of the Practician of lazy detectives. The criminal incidentally got to a surveillance camera lens. Video is transferred to the computer and by means of the special program the necessary sector with a face of the villain increases to such time that the viewer is able to count approximately quantity of filaments at it on a face.

That similar focus was possible, all these chambers have to use ultrahigh permission. Or the revolutionary computer technology is necessary that will allow all Hollywood operators to refuse the expensive HD cameras and it is stupid to pass on kamkoder for 50 dollars. There is neither that, nor another? Then sorry, but at repeated increase sooner or later the viewer will rest against chaotic medley of small squares.

9. The shining monitors

In Hollywood devoutly believe that if you sit in front of the monitor, the full picture of a desktop will be reflected in your face. Generally, in order that this was possible, monitors should be equipped with projectors. However, at the same time vast majority of users after several sessions of communication with such device will just lose in it need because they will go blind. Not to mention questions of conspiracy - your gestures on a field of a world wide web it will be possible easily to read from the person . So settings of confidentiality will not be actual.

10. Clever cars

the Abrupt Main computer if not to look after it, becomes not just clever sooner or later, and superintellectual. Then spitefully tries to destroy mankind and to establish the power of cars on Earth. You sometime tried to leave a computer included for long term and to forget about it? At first will fall down " iron; - fans, power supply units and other, then (or in parallel) will begin to knock ON - from an OS to utility programs. Plus an overheat owing to total dust content.

So instead of global cataclysm in the form of Skaynet, you, most likely, receive a heap of metal and the decent account for the electric power.