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Experience of modernization of libraries of the Chuvash Republic of

Modernization of libraries became a special milestone in development of a library science of the Chuvash Republic which provided transition to new technologies of service, allowed to use variety of information resources for the benefit of inhabitants of the republic.

In library service of the village were available problems which demanded immediate permission. One of them - a condition of book funds. Nearly a half of book funds was made by obsolete literature, the share of their wear considerably increased, new receipts were reduced. It led to weakening of a role of libraries in advance of reading and information support of country people.

Other problem a weak state was material - technical base. Many rural libraries were located in unadapted rooms, 7 - were in an emergency state, 118 - demanded capital repairs. Lag of rural libraries in hardware was critical: there was no telecommunication (only 8% of rural libraries had phones), every third library was insufficiently heated, practically any centralized library system had no vehicles for non-stationary service of country people and delivery of literature to settlements, remote from an administrative center. Sets of the computer equipment were available only in the central regional and children`s libraries. It did not allow rural libraries to carry out fully the functions assigned to them by society.

was particularly acute Not less a problem with shots which most part needed radical improvement of the professional knowledge, acquisition of new skills. 73% of library workers had the higher and secondary vocational education.

23 Development of system of information technologies demanded from libraries of formation of fund of electronic media of information, including creation of own databases.

at the time of the beginning of modernization of libraries in the Chuvash Republic functioned 685 libraries from which 87% were in rural areas and 73% of all readers used them. In 2001 - 2002 the real break in a computerization of rural libraries of the republic was made. All central libraries and regional children`s libraries with assistance of the President of the Republic N. V. Fedorov received sets of the computer equipment.

on the basis of the central regional and city libraries in the Chuvash Republic is created the network uniting the centers of legal information where readers in full can receive necessary standardly - legal information. Libraries form own electronic catalogs and have access to information resources of the leading libraries of the world.

Despite positive changes, they not completely corresponded to requirements of new generation of users and recommendations Model standard of public library .

According to the Decree About creation of rural model libraries in the Chuvash Republic the foundation to modernization process was laid.

Model rural library is multipurpose is information - cultural and obrazovatelno - the educational center meeting norms and the requirements Model standard of activity of public (public) library of the Chuvash Republic the Ministry of culture of Chuvashia approved by the order in 2007

the Model standard of activity of public (public) library of the Chuvash Republic is based also on the documents having advisory nature: Guide of IFLA / UNESCO to development of service of public libraries (1986, 2002) and Model standard of activity of public library (RBA, 2001) .

the Model standard covers the main aspects of work of libraries: service of users, placement and the organization of a library network, resource providing (funds and the equipment, rooms, personnel, financing), offers criteria for evaluation of efficiency of activity of library. Local governments for the organization of effective system of library service of the population are recommended to be guided by the principles and standards stated in this document.

Activities for creation of model rural libraries in Chuvashia was broken into logical stages and provided financially - technical, information and methodical support of the rural libraries chosen as basic.

in the course of modernization was reconstructed all work, information resources of libraries, technologies, rooms are reconstructed. The image of libraries changed not just. Seriously librarians exchanged: they began to react sensitively to all new and progressive, moved to absolutely other level of thinking, outlook and relation to business.

Modernization of libraries allowed to build new model of social partnership, demonstrated degree of the authority of libraries on local community, the relation to them of the authorities and business - structures. Questions of library policy became a subject of close attention from the authorities of all levels - from regional to rural. The power and library become business partners in the creative interaction directed to realization of the uniform purposes and tasks.

happened To modernization fundamental change and in consciousness of librarians who began sensitively and most creatively, sincerely, wholeheartedly and huge enthusiasm to react to all new and progressive, move to absolutely other level of thinking and the relation to business. They safely experiment, are in continuous creative search of new forms of attraction of reader`s audience, involving them in the free dialogue allowing to define and most in a complex to meet the needs of readers. Librarians carry out not only socially - responsible, educational mission, but also for many young readers become some kind of conductors and teachers in knowledge of all new, ability to be guided in any information stream.

In the republic are actively overcome a technological gap between the city and the village, a disproportion in obtaining information by all groups of the population. Thanks to that system work which is carried out in the Chuvash Republic in the sphere of modernization of a library network of the republic it is possible to come to the new level which will allow citizens of the republic and everyone to adjoin in Russia and the world them, to create, figuratively speaking, and own Louvre and any other non-standard project.

21 Therefore can be considered made in the republic as logical development of practices and the solution of those tasks of transformation of libraries of storage of books in the real information, cultural and leisure centers. In libraries which, in turn, will the accelerated rates influence modernization of consciousness of our citizens and to promote the fastest solution of all socially - economic problems in the country.

Modernization of libraries is directly connected with active introduction of quality management system. A successful example of introduction of quality management system it is possible to call Chuvash republican detsko - junior library (ChRDYuB) which became the first in the Chuvash Republic library having the quality management system prepared for certification and, having shown these, an example of the modern modernized library conforming to requirements of the present.

Successfully complete Program of modernization of rural libraries brought libraries of the republic to the leading positions in the country. Quality increased it is information - library service, the range of the services provided to users extended. Creation of 500 model libraries became a result of carrying out modernization of libraries of Chuvashia.

Is undoubted that the main task of the state library policy during a transition period is modernization of libraries on the basis of information technologies in line with universal tendencies of development of information society that allows to weaken a negative factor of the increasing regional distinctions in the level of library service of the population and resource providing libraries of Russia.

In modern conditions the informatization of a library science expanding possibilities of access for the population to information and preservation of library stocks as most important part of a national information resource and cultural heritage of the country " become the priority directions of the state library policy;.

As was noted in the message by N. V. Fedorov Chuvashia from the future and for the future that the third priority of the republic - development and use convergent is information - communication technologies. Total distribution of a wireless communication, emergence of new packages of communications, navigation systems helps to carry out transition to the new class virtual services.

Addition of the broadband Internet with breakthrough grid - technologies will allow to use computing supercapacities in the mode of remote access, to combine localization and globalization of production, to serve the person where it was, doing it, in the best sense of the word, the citizen of the world and reporting results of work of all mankind to its services.

It will give synergetic effect not only in the sphere of rendering the state and municipal services to the population, bringing closer us to creation the republics without references but also in development of consumer and infrastructure sectors of economy.

Thanks to N. V. Fedorov in the Chuvash Republic will be developed together with Goskomsvyazyinform of Chuvashia, public organizations the target program for ensuring general computer literacy of the population of the republic.

All ambitious goals and tasks about which it is told in the message Chuvashia from the future and for the future can be reached and matter only at observance of two indispensable conditions:

- high-quality change of a condition of our higher education;

- the healthy people healthy physically, intellectually and morally, spiritually. we not only tell

About it much, but also we do a lot of things, but this subject and a problem every day, every minute have to be in focus of public attention as, in essence, we have no other resources, and in the modern world human resource - most important.

Realization of all objectives is possible only at stable large investment into the sphere of culture.

the Main objectives of modernization of a library science of Chuvashia on the near future:

- the informatization of a library science including introduction and development in libraries of new information technologies;

- creation of the mechanism of completing of libraries in the conditions of formation of the book market;

- safety and safety of library stocks;

- development of interdepartmental cooperation of the Russian libraries, their inclusion in world library process and a world information exchange;

- realization and development of system of the standard and legal acts regulating a library science.